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image of KaunasSituated just south of the centre of Lithuania is the city of Kaunas. Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania and was at one time the temporary capital of the city; a period that helped towards its growth. Tourists visiting Kaunas will find an attractive historic centre with plenty to see.

Flights to Kaunas arrive at the Kaunas International Airport (airport code: KUN). Although this is the second busiest airport in Lithuania there are actually only two airlines who currently fly here. There are no direct flights to Kaunas from South Africa but you have a couple of options for getting here: catch a flight to the Vilnius International Airport (code: VNO), and you can get a bus to Kaunas from there which takes about 2 hours. Brussels Airlines, South African Airlines and Lufthansa all take the same route to Vilnius through Frankfurt. The second option is to fly to London in the UK. Many airlines offer flights to here from South Africa, including British Airways and South African Airways. From here transfer onto a flight to Kaunas with the low cost airline Ryanair.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kaunas:

Kaunas has a good many attractions that will be of interest to tourists, and here are some of the major ones…

Kanuas Castle
The historic Kaunas Castle is thought to date originally from the mid 14th century. Its red brick and red tiled roofs are striking features of this, the oldest building in Kaunas. About a third of the castle is said to be still standing, though the site is undergoing restoration so this might change in the future.

Kaunas Fortress
The old Kaunas Castle should not be confused with the newer Kaunas Fortress. Construction on this large fortress began in 1882 and was put to good use during the First World War when Germany attacked the Russian Empire. The fortress was used again during the Second World War when approximately 50,000 people were executed here including many victims of the Holocaust. Kaunas Fortress fell into disrepair so some sections are now ruined, but others have been restored and can be viewed along with an on-site museum.

Kaunas’ Churches
Kaunas has many beautiful churches. One of the oldest in Lithuania, and the oldest in the city is Vytautas’ the Great Church. This Roman Catholic church was built around 1400 in the Gothic style. Another Gothic style building, and the largest of this style in Lithuania, is Kaunas Cathedral Basilica which it is believed was begun in the 1400s and not completed until 1624.

Very different in style are the Pazaislis Monastery and Church, and the Church of Archangel Michael. The former is in a grand Italian baroque architecture while the second is a typical Russian Orthodox style, even though it now serves as a Roman Catholic church.

In stark contrast to all of these churches in Kaunas is the Christ’s Resurrection Church which was completed in 2005. This huge church is very modern from the outside and will its hilltop location it offers superb views over Kaunas. You can get up the hill via the Zaloakalnis Funicular Railway, another of the city’s popular attractions.

Other Kaunas Attractions
Kaunas has many other things to see and do. There are plenty of museums including the War Museum, the National Art Museum, and the Historical Presidential Palace. Kaunas Botanical Garden is nice, and there’s also a zoo in the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Kaunas has a mild continental climate. It’s best to visit during the summer when temperatures are warm, though this is the wettest time of year. Winter is cold and snowy.

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