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image of BettembourgWith a population of less than 10,000 people Bettembourg is a small town within a small country, Luxembourg. Bettembourg is situated in the south of Luxembourg and despite its size it does have several major attractions of interest to tourists.

Your flight to Bettembourg will arrive at the Luxembourg-Findel Airport (airport code: LUX) which is just 14 kilometres from town. A flight to Bettembourg with South African Airways will connect in Munich, while one with British Airways goes via London. Lufthansa also stops in Munich but KLM will make its one stop-over in Amsterdam. On average, most flights to Bettembourg from Johannesburg will take around 14 or 15 hours, including lay-over times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bettembourg:

Bettembourg has a similar history to the rest of Luxembourg and was important in Roman times. There have been several Roman sites discovered in and around Bettembourg though unfortunately these are not open to the public. Bettembourg was again important later as it has a strategic location on the road to Luxembourg City, just over 13 kilometres away. The proximity to Luxembourg City today makes Bettembourg a great place to stay as you can enjoy this small town, but get to the capital very easily to enjoy all of its attractions.

Bettembourg Castle
Bettembourg Castle is one of two major landmarks in Bettembourg, the other being the church. The castle is right in the centre of the town, off the aptly named Rue de Chateau! The buildings date back to 1773 when it was first built as the home of a wealthy farming family and the quite plain architecture was very common for that day.

The castle is now more extensive than it was when first constructed as other wings have been added over the centuries as different families have owned it. In 1971 Bettembourg Castle was bought by the commune and was restored and adapted to serve as the town hall, opening in 1991. Visitors can access some of the public parts of the buildings, especially the large cultural hall where there are often art exhibitions and similar. Some of the original ornate wooden fireplaces still exist, and the well manicured grounds that surround Bettembourg Castle are also open to the public.

Bettembourg Church
Bettembourg’s other major landmark, the church, is a large and dominating structure that was built in 1888 in the neo-Romanesque style of architecture. There is a tall roofline that makes this building more cathedral-like than church, and a high clock tower on the front.

Parc Merveilleux
Meaning ‘Beautiful Park’ in English, Parc Merveilleux is a small amusement park just on the outskirts of Bettembourg. Don’t expect thrill rides as this is solely aimed at children and includes quite an array of attractions. There are children’s cars, a miniature railway, adventure playgrounds, and scenes from famous fairytales to explore, as well as a number of birds and animals, and a pony ranch.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are definitely the best time to visit Bettembourg for warmer weather, though there’s no escaping the rain which can fall at any time of the year. July is hottest with an average high of 22C, plus some attractions are not open all year, such as Parc Merveilleux. In the winter it’s cool and wet.

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