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image of CapellenCapellen is a small town in the south west of Luxembourg, just 12 kilometres west of Luxembourg City. It’s a quaint little town that has a few attractions though its main claim to fame is for being the home of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency.

The Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (airport code: LUX) is about 16 kilometres away from Capellen, and is the only airport in the country. Flights to Capellen are a bit limited when travelling from South Africa, but you do have a few choices. If you fly with British Airways, you’ll stop in London, and Lufthansa makes a connection in Munich. You can also get a flight to Capellen with KLM, and they make a transfer in Amsterdam. Flights to Capellen are between 14 and 18 hours long, coming from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Capellen:

The first written records relating to date back to the early 1700s when there were five households recorded as being here, but evidence has been found of a much earlier settlement at the site of today’s town. Capellen is on an old Roman road that goes from Trier in Germany, through Luxembourg and on to Reims and Paris, and an old Roman milestone was found on the road. But this isn’t the only evidence of the Romans having been here. A few years ago remains of Roman buildings and a Roman brick factory were found here in Capellen. The brick kiln of this old Roman factory is today one of Capellen tourist attractions because it was so well preserved.

The kiln couldn’t be left in its original position as a business park was being built so it was moved to a position in the centre of Capellen, making it easy for visitors to find and view. The kiln is historically important as it dates back to the 4th century and shows great evidence of the Romans doing considerable construction work.

Another unique attraction in Capellen is the museum dedicated to the Grand Ducal Police. It features a collection of uniforms and police accessories from Luxembourg as well as some from around the world. This attraction which opened only in 2007 makes an interesting way to spend an hour or so!

Capellen is part of the Mamer Commune. The town of Mamer is just a few kilometres away so you can easily visit when staying in Capellen. Here you’ll find several attractions including Roman baths, Mamer Castle, and the scenic Mamer River Valley where you can go for walks or cycle along the river.

Of course because Luxembourg is such a small country you can easily visit the other towns and communes in Luxembourg too from Capellen. Luxembourg City is only about 12 kilometres away and it has many more attractions including numerous museums to visit.

When Should You Visit?:

Capellen has mild summers and mild to cool winters so the summer is definitely the best time to visit for sightseeing. In July you can expect an average high of 22C while in January the average high is just above zero. Rainfall is fairly evenly spread across the year, but there’s more rainfall over the winter than during the summer.

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