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Flights to Dudelange

image of DudelangeDudelange is both a commune and a city in Luxembourg. It’s the fourth largest commune in the country, and the third largest city and offers tourists several tourist attractions and attractive architecture.

Flights to Dudelange will arrive at the Luxembourg-Findel Airport (airport code: LUX), since it is the only international airport in the country. It’s approximately 20 kilometres from the airport to Dudelange, which is a very easy drive by rental car and some hotels even have shuttles. Flights to Dudelange from South Africa are available with either Lufthansa or South African Airways, and they both make the same connection in Munich. If you fly with British Airways, you’ll transfer in London instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Dudelange:

Located close to the border with France Dudelange is situated in the south west of Luxembourg. As well as the city of Dudelange the commune includes the smaller town of Budersberg and one of the country’s higher points, Mont St Jean.

Like all destinations in Luxembourg you’re never far away from the next town or city as this is such a small country! This makes visiting Luxembourg’s top attractions an easy task and you can choose to stay in Dudelange but visit places like Luxembourg City easily from here.

Dudelange itself grew up as an industrial town. Steel production and iron ore were the chief industries in the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. The town became fairly wealthy and some of the landmarks constructed during this period still stand today. Dudelange Town Hall for example, is a beautiful building.

The main attraction of the commune of Dudelange is the hill, Mont St Jean. This hill has long been important for religious and cultural reasons and it’s thought that it’s been used for religious purposes since pre-Christian times. More recently there was a castle built atop the hill by the Order of St John, in the 16th century, and there’s still a tower there to this day from which you can get some great views over the countryside of Luxembourg, and towards Luxembourg City.

Part of Dudelange is taken up by the Haardt Protected Area. This is part of a larger natural park and when you feel like exploring some of Luxembourg’s countryside this is a nice place to do it. There are several trails that you can follow on comfortable walks here.

Back in the city of Dudelange another attraction is the Municipal Museum. There are a range of exhibits here but the museum also includes a gallery. This gallery, called Nei Liicht, is the only public visual arts gallery in Luxembourg.

When Should You Visit?:

Dudelange is a more vibrant and colourful town and commune to visit during the summer when the flowers are in bloom and the locals are out and about! Summers are mild and generally quite sunny and you can expect to have temperatures of an average high around 22C in July. There actually isn’t a huge contrast between summer and winter temperatures, as January, the coldest month, usually stays around an average high of 0C.

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