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image of EschUsually known just as Esch, this commune in Luxembourg is officially named Esch-sur-Alzette and is in the south west of the country. Esch is actually Luxembourg’s second city and is just 15 kilometres from the capital Luxembourg City.

There is no local airport, so flights to Esch arrive at the main Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (airport code: LUX). It’s a short drive from Luxembourg City to Esch on the A4 motorway. You can get 1-stop flights to Esch with several airlines. South African Airways makes a connection in Frankfurt and Lufthansa stops in Munich. You can travel through London with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. Flights to Esch are usually between 13 and 18 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Esch:

Luxembourg is a small country, full of small towns and cities and Esch-sur-Alzette is no exception! Esch may be the second most populous town in Luxembourg but its population is less than 30,000 people. Still this means as a visitor you’ll benefit from all the amenities, facilities and services you need for an enjoyable trip but get to enjoy a smaller and quieter town experience.

Esch certainly isn’t heaving with tourist attractions but there are several places of interest here to check out when staying in the town. With Luxembourg being such a small country, the rest of the nation is never far away if you feel like exploring further afield – the capital, Luxembourg City, for example is only around 15 kilometres away and all roads lead to the capital, making it easy and quick to access the city’s tourist attractions too.

In Esch itself there are several places of interest to visit. The National Museum of the Resistance is popular with anyone who has an interest in the Second World War. It’s dedicated to the Resistance movement which was people who resisted German occupation and contains plenty of material on this subject. A famous sculpture, ‘The Political Prisoner’ by Lucien Wercollier, is in the museum’s entrance hall.

Walking around Esch you can enjoy some fine examples of architecture, such as the Town Hall, and the 1621 built Berwart Tower. Also take time to wander around Esch’s large town park. The Esch Theatre has performances at different times throughout the year so you could check the schedule if you’re interested in seeing a play, musical or other show. When shows aren’t on the theatre often doubles as a art gallery for short term art exhibitions.

Just a short distance from Esch is the smaller commune and town of Esch-sur-Sure, not to be confused with Esch itself. This is substantially smaller than Esch but picturesque and worth visiting all the same. It’s situated on the River Sauer just downstream from the Upper Sure Lake, a large reservoir formed in 1979 to provide hydro-electric power. This is a great place to come for outdoor activities in the summer including sailing, boating, swimming and other water sports.

When Should You Visit?:

Esch is a pleasant town to visit during the summer as there are mild temperatures to be expected. The average high in July for example is around 22C. Winters are milder than you might expect with an average high of around 0C in January.

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