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image of PetangeSituated in south western Luxembourg is the town and commune of Petange. Petange is actually one of the smallest communes in Luxembourg but it has a relatively high population. This means there are more services here than you might expect from such a small commune and visitors will find several things to see and do.

As with all towns in Luxembourg, flights to Petange come to the Luxembourg-Findel Airport (airport code: LUX) which is a short drive away. Swissair has a 1-stop flight to Petange from South Africa that connects in Zurich, and Lufthansa makes their transfer in Munich. South African Airways also goes through Munich. You could also get a connection in London with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Most flights to Petange are between 13 and 18 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Petange:

Like most towns and communes in Luxembourg tourists won’t find a multitude of attractions here in Petange. Instead there are a couple of things to see and do and with there being a hotel in the town you could base yourself in Petange during your visit to Luxembourg, then travel around to see some of the other sights that this small country has to offer, including the much larger Luxembourg City.

The main attraction in the Petange area is the Fond-de-Gras railway and museum. For many visitors the highlight of this attraction is getting there because Petange is linked to the actual museum and industrial park via a heritage railway. If you take this trip you’ll enjoy a ride on a steam locomotive along a track that’s 6 kilometres in length. Once you arrive at the Industry and Railway Park Fond-de-Gras you will be able to see what life was like in the 1900s when the area grew thanks to a booming iron mining and steel industry.

Another attraction in Petange is Titelberg. This is the name of a hill which is home to an ancient Celtic settlement, called an oppidum, which it is believed in the 1st century BC would have been a thriving community and capital of the Treveri people. Today the site has been excavated and covers a fairly large area where you can see old foundations of buildings. The site is important as it shows proof that Petange and Luxembourg as a whole was inhabited before the Romans arrived, and some excavations show that later the Romans conquered this settlement and built some of their own structures.

When Should You Visit?:

To enjoy attractions such as the heritage railway you really need to come to Petange during the summer months as often these attractions are not open during the winter. Summer is mild in Petange with an aver age high temperature of around 21 to 22C in July and August. You can’t escape the rain as rainfall is fairly consistent across the year, so come prepared! The summer season is short as are spring and autumn. Winters are cool but warmer than you might expect with an average high of around 0C in January.

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