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Flights to Kumanovo

image of KumanovoAfter the capital, Skopje, Kumanovo is the second largest city in Macedonia and it’s located in the north of the country. Kumanovo presents lots of interesting attractions for visiting tourists, from pre-history right up to the modern day.

Flights to Kumanovo usually arrive at the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP), one of the main airports for Macedonia. From South Africa you can get one-stop routes with either Turkish Airlines or Swiss Air that stop in Istanbul and Zurich respectively. A flight to Kumanovo with Egyptair takes a route through Cairo and then Istanbul. That’s the same route offered by South African Airways as well. Flights to Kumanovo can take anywhere between 15 and 20 hours, depending on the route and airline.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kumanovo:

The city of Kumanovo was first mentioned in 1519, but the region has plenty of evidence of far earlier settlements. It’s these prehistoric sites that are some of the main attractions in and around Kumanovo, and when combined with the modern amenities of the city, culture and numerous other attractions, this is quite a place to visit!

Pre-Historic Sites Near Kumanovo
The area around Kumanovo is really rich in ancient sites so if you have an interest in this subject you’ll enjoy a visit Kumanovo. Kokino is one of these sites; it’s a megalithic observatory that was only discovered in 2001 yet it’s believed to be about 3,800 years old. The stone markers at the site were placed in order to track the movement of the moon and the sun.

There are archaeological sites from other periods too such as the Bronze Age Gradiste which is near the village of Pelince. Iron Age and Neolithic sites also exist, plus a Roman necropolis and Roman settlement.

Monuments and Landmarks in Kumanovo
In the city centre, Kumanovo is rich in monuments and landmarks, celebrating many different aspects of Macedonia’s culture. There is Monument Four Poles along with a sculpture of Batko Gjorgjija a famous local. The Days of Comedy festival that takes place every year in Kumanovo celebrates this man and features comics from around Macedonia.

There are numerous pretty churches in and close to Kumanovo including the Church of St George just outside the city. This structure dates back to the early 1300s though there has been a church here since the 1000’s. Eski Mosque is another important religious landmark. It was built in 1571 when Kumanovo was part of the Ottoman Empire.

When Should You Visit?:

There are many months in the year when a visit to Kumanovo would be good as the city has a temperate climate and is really quite warm. April to October will give visitors average high temperatures of between 19 and 30C, peaking at 30C in July and August. From November through to March the temperature drops quite a bit but it never gets really cold in Kumanovo. In terms of rainfall it’s fairly consistent throughout the year except for May and November – both months have quite a bit more rainfall than others.

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