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image of PrilepPrilep is the fourth largest city in the Republic of Macedonia and it’s located south of the centre of the country. The city is known as the ‘City Under Marko’s Towers’, because it is situated below the ruins of Marko’s Towers, one of Prilep’s tourist attractions.

Flights to Prilep are best scheduled for an arrival at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP). Local airports don’t handle international traffic. A flight to Prilep with Turkish Airlines will make a connection in Istanbul, and one with Swiss Air will go through Zurich. Those are the only 1-stop flights to Prilep available. Two-stop options with either Egyptair or South African Airways will transfer in Cairo and then again in Istanbul.

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The Tourist Attractions of Prilep:

Markovi Kuli
Known as Markovi Kuli, or Marko’s Towers, the ruins of this historic fortress are one of the best known attractions of Prilep. The ruins are situated up on a bare hilltop, overlooking the city, and were built for the medieval Serbian Prince Marko. There have been a number of archaeological digs here that have found evidence of much earlier settlements though, including an ancient settlement that was expanded during Roman times. Most of what visitors can see here today dates from between the 10th and 14th centuries and provides great scenic and city views.

Prilep Old Bazaar
There are some attractive streets in Prilep but to get a real historic feel head to the Old Bazaar. It’s a well maintained area within the city centre and features shops and stalls as well as several landmarks including the picturesque clock tower that was built in 1858, and the Carshi Mosque which dates from 1475.

Holy Archangels Monastery
Though still in use today this monastery is a popular attraction for those visiting Prilep. There’s a 12th century church here but the site is much older, as an inscription dated 996 will tell you. There are ruins from a number of different periods here too, including Byzantine.

Churches of Prilep
In and around Prilep there are some lovely churches in addition to the one at the monastery. St Nikola Church is reputed o be one of the prettiest in Macedonia and it’s situated in nearby Varosh village. This church was built in 1299, and along with the beautifully decorated exterior, the interior features some very well preserved frescoes. Varosh village is also home to the St Dimitrie Church which was built in the late 13th century. Though it’s the largest church in the village, St Dimitrie has not been well preserved.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are a good time to visit Prilep, especially between June and September when temperatures are warm and rainfall levels are lower. July and August are warmest with an average high of 29C, while June and September are not far behind with an average high of 25 and 26C. Winters are really quite short and temperatures drop quite a lot from the summertime average highs. January is the coldest month – the average high is 3C and average low is -5C.

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