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image of TetovoSituated in the north west of Macedonia, the city of Tetovo is nestled into the foothills of Sar Mountain and is divided by the beautiful Pena River. The selection of cultural and historical attractions in Tetovo, and the lovely surrounding scenery, makes this a nice place to visit.

The most convenient airport for flights to Tetovo is the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP) which is 54 kilometres away. There are good motorways and a bus route between Tetovo and Skopje so it is easy to get to and from the airport. Flights to Tetovo usually have 2 connections when coming from South Africa, though Turkish Airlines is the exception; they only stop once in Istanbul. With Egyptair, you will have stop-overs in Cairo and then Istanbul, and South African Airways offers the same route.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tetovo:

The River Pena
If you like visiting cities that offer more than just the urban landscape, you’ll love visiting Tetovo! Not only does the city have a mountainous backdrop, but the pretty River Pena flows right through the heart of the city too. In places there are small waterfalls to enjoy, but even in the centre of town you’ll get some great photographic opportunities, including the attractive stone bridges that cross over the River Pena.

Tetovo Old Town
Tetovo has a number of historic buildings across the city, especially in the old town. It’s not a really extensive old town, and parts of it seem to be under threat from construction, but it’s attractive all the same and worth a wander!

The Painted Mosque
The Painted Mosque is the primary landmark for the old town, and Tetovo as a whole. Locally it’s called Sarena Dzamija, which means ‘Painted’ or ‘Decorated’ Mosque in English, thanks to the ornate painted exterior wall panels. It was originally built in 1438 and then rebuilt in 1833 by Abdurrahman Pasha, and has recently enjoyed a renovation. Tetovo Hammam (a Turkish bath) was built at the same time as the mosque and is situated just across the river from it.

Abdurrahman Pasha was also responsible for building another of Tetovo’s landmarks, the fortress located on top of Baltepes Hill. There are some wonderful views from here to enjoy over Tetovo.

Arabati Baba Teke
Another major landmark for Tetovo is Arabati Baba Teke. This is a building that was built specifically as a meeting place for people of the Sufi (or Dervish) brotherhood of Islam, and it was originally built in 1538. There were additions to the buildings over the following centuries, and it was used for religious purposes until the 1940s. Today it is preserved as a museum.

When Should You Visit?:

Tetovo has warm summers with some rainfall, as it’s in the wetter part of Macedonia. Temperatures are good for sightseeing though. In contrast, winters are quite cool and snowy, with average high temperatures around zero. There is actually a ski resort just a short distance outside the centre of Tetovo, so if you wanted to come skiing and combine it with city sightseeing you could. It’s called the Popova Sapka ski resort.

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