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image of VelesRight in the heart of Macedonia is the city of Veles. Surrounded by high hills and with plenty of greenery, Veles is an attractive town even though it’s best known as an industrial centre. Despite this Veles is a nice town to visit and has cultural and historical attractions.

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP) is only 30 kilometres away making this a convenient airport for international flights to Veles. When coming from Johannesburg, you can typically get only 2-stop flights, except for with Turkish Airlines. Their flight to Veles only stops once in Istanbul. Egyptair goes through Cairo and Istanbul, and Swiss Air goes another way with stops in Zurich and Vienna. Flights to Veles will usually take between 16 and 20 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Veles:

When you hear that Veles is mainly an industrial city you might think it’s not worth a stop if you’re coming to Macedonia, but this really isn’t the case. What strikes most tourists visiting Veles is how green and pretty the town is, helped by the fact that it lies against a backdrop of high hills, and that parts of the town have grown onto the slopes of those hills. There are actually several historical attractions here if you’re interested in history and its architecture including several churches.

The Church of St Pantelejmon
The Church of St Pantelejmon is one of the major churches and landmarks of Veles and it sits on one of those hillsides mentioned above. It is a three aisled basilica that was built in 1840 and inside it features some lovely wall panels, lavish chandeliers, and ceiling frescoes. The church is a great place to come and enjoy the views over Veles as the elevated position provides vitas over the city.

Veles Clock Tower
The Clock Tower is another well known landmark of Veles. It was originally built as a watch tower for the Ottomans in the 16th century, though in the 18th century it was changed into the clock tower that you see here today, and is the landmark of Veles.

Monuments in Veles
Veles has several monuments to historical events and people. The Monument of the Thessaloniki Dynamiters is a modern monument celebrating an event that took place in 1903 when 12 bombers targeted western companies in Thessaloniki. The Monument of the Ilinden Rebels is a monument that also celebrates an event of 1903 and is dedicated to the rebels of Veles during the Ilinden uprising. The striking World War 2 Monument is set up on a hill and this modern creation looks like a poppy flower with a tree of liberation inside it.

When Should You Visit?:

Veles is surprisingly warm during the summer months with temperatures peaking in July and August when the average high is 30C. These two months have lower rainfall than the rest of the year, but rain is still present and in fact quite abundant in Veles. This would account for how green the city is though! Winters are cool in contrast, with an average high of just 4C in January, though in the following months it warms up quickly.

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