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image of BirkirkaraBirkirkara is the largest town on the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean. Like the rest of Malta, Birkirkara has a good selection of attractions for tourists to visit.

Your flight to Birkirkara will arrive at the Malta International Airport (airport code: MLA) which is only 5 kilometres away. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both have a 1-stop route for flights to Birkirkara, with a connection in London. You can also fly with Lufthansa for a transfer in Munich or stop in Zurich with Swiss Air. British Midland has the only 2-stop choice and their flight to Birkirkara goes through Frankfurt and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Birkirkara:

Although it’s the largest town in Malta, Birkirkara isn’t as well known as a tourist destination when compared to the capital, Valletta, and Cottonera, to name a few, however it’s actually a nice compromise. Birkirkara has the most people living here, but fewer tourists staying here, so you could argue that you actually get a more authentic cultural experience when staying in Birkirkara! Be aware that the name of the town is often abbreviated to B’Kara.

Much of the town is modern, but the old charm has not been completely modernised. There are still narrow streets and alleyways to discover, with small traditional homes lining them, so it’s definitely worth exploring this side of Birkirkara. There are also several major historical landmarks to head for in Birkirkara too, including the following:

Birkirkara Old Railway Station
Up until 1931 there was a railway line that connected Rabat with Valletta and it passed right through Birkirkara and a number of smaller villages. The town has retained the old railway station, which is a beautiful old building now surrounded by a garden, and it was restored in 1970. The garden contains a 3rd class carriage on a small section of rails which has also been restored. There are two compartments which have eight seats each, and even a copy of the 1923 price tariff for the Maltese railway line!

Ta’ Ganu Windmill
Birkirkara is also known for its two windmills. One of them is a private residence, but the other, Ta’ Ganu, stands right in the heart of the city. The wind paddles are not there any more, nor is the machinery that would have worked the mill, but the building was refurbished and now houses an art gallery.

St Helen’s Basilica
There are a number of churches in Birkirkara, but St Helen’s Basilica is by far the most prominent. Some say it is one of the most beautiful churches on Malta, and it certainly is attractive! It was built starting in 1727 and its ornate exterior is just a taste of what you’ll find inside. It is beautifully decorated with marble and works of art, and is particularly well known for housing the largest church bell in Malta. Today’s bell is the third the church has seen as the first two just didn’t last, and it was cast in 1931, taking one year to make. It is said to be the largest bell in the world.

When Should You Visit?:

Like the rest of Malta Birkirkara has a lovely climate with mild weather in the winter, and hot sunny days in the summer. July and August are hottest with a average high of nearly 31C both months, and virtually no rainfall. If this feels a little hot for sightseeing the try visiting Birkirkara in the spring or autumn for temperatures in the low to mid 20’s C, however, from October the rains start and are heaviest in December.

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