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Flights to Qormi

image of QormiQormi is the second largest city in Malta and it’s situated right in the centre of the island to the south west of Valletta. Qormi isn’t as well known to tourists as some of Malta’s other cities but there are several things to see and do here anyway.

The Malta International Airport (airport code: MLA) is just a few kilometres away, so it is convenient for all international flights arriving here. Flights to Qormi typically have one stop when departing from South Africa. South African Airways goes through Dubai, but both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways make their stop-overs in London. Flying with Lufthansa will take you via Munich for their flight to Qormi. The average flight will take between 18 and 25 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Qormi:

From a tourist’s point of view there isn’t as much to attract you to Qormi as there would be to Valletta, but then Qormi is so close to Valletta that this really doesn’t matter! You could stay in Qormi and travel the short distance to Valletta, and of course, considering that the island of Malta is only small, you could easily travel around the rest of it from your base in Qormi too.

In Qormi itself there is one major landmark to look out for. San Sebastian Church is the main church of the city. It’s a very large church with sandstone coloured walls and a large domed roof. But the top rated attraction in Qormi is a dinner show called Chamber of Secrets. It’s a very popular attraction with tourists and includes a three course dinner of traditional Maltese cuisine, and plenty of wine is served too! It’s basically a magic show but there are illusions and tricks that have the audience wondering how did they do that! Plus there’s singing and fun mind-reading too.

Visiting Valletta

If you’re staying in Qormi, Valletta is just a stone’s throw away. This is the capital of Malta and it’s one of the island’s top tourist destinations for its many historical and cultural attractions. Most of the city is within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main attractions include St John’s Cathedral, the Grand Master’s Palace, and Case Rocco Piccola.

St John’s Cathedral is the best known landmark and it dates from the 1570s. The interior is spectacular with its eight chapels, frescos, and vaulted ceilings and you can find out all about these things if you make use of the audio tour included in the entrance fee. Next door to the cathedral is the Cathedral Museum, best known for its two works of art by Caravaggio.

When Should You Visit?:

The Mediterranean climate of Qormi means the peak season is during the summer months when there are hot temperatures and mainly dry weather. Either side of summer, spring and autumn can be a good time to visit as there are less tourists in Qormi at this time. The same can be said for in the winter when the temperatures are mild, however this is the wetter time of year so not so good for sightseeing.

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