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image of ChisinauChisinau is Moldova’s capital and largest city and it’s located within the centre of the country on the River Bic. Chisinau is a historic city that was first founded in 1436 as a monastery village. Large areas of the city were destroyed by war and earthquake, yet there still remain numerous historical buildings to see.

The Chisinau International Airport (airport code: KIV) is 13 kilometres outside of the city and is the main international airport for the country. There are various kinds of bus services to get you from the airport into Chisinau. Both one and two stop flights to Chisinau are available from South Africa with major airlines. Turkish Airlines stops once in Istanbul, and Virgin Atlantic travels through London. For 2 stop flights to Chisinau, you can fly with Egyptair and connect in Cairo and Istanbul. A flight with South African Airways takes the same route.

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The Tourist Attractions of Chisinau:

Chisinau is an attractive city with many parks and green spaces giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy walks and scenery right within the heart of the city. Architecturally Chisinau offers a good mix between old and new, presenting some quite modern buildings, such as the Skytower, alongside older ones, like the Post Office. There are also numerous monuments to see across the city too.

Chisinau Landmarks
Amongst the landmarks you can look out for when visiting Chisinau is the Chisinau City Hall. This large building in downtown Chisinau was completed in 1901 and is in stark contrast to the architecture of the Moldovan Parliament Building which was formerly home to the Communist Party of Moldova.

Amongst the city’s churches and cathedrals are the Nativity of Christ Cathedral which was dedicated in 1836, and St Teodora de la Sihla Church which was consecrated in 1922. Downtown Chisinau is also home to the Triumphal Arch. Built of white stone this triumphal arch is similar in design to Paris’ Arc de Triomphe but much smaller. It was completed in 1841 and restored in 1973.

Chisinau Monuments
The city’s (and country’s) most famous monument is the Stephen the Great Monument. It was officially opened on April 19 1928 on the 470th birthday of Stephen the Great.

The Alley of Classics is situated within Stephen the Great Park. It’s a pretty avenue of trees that’s also lined with the busts of classic literary figures and political leaders, of which there are 27 in total.

National History Museum of Moldova
Chisinau’s most impressive museum is the National History Museum of Moldova. Established in 1983 the museum features over 263,000 objects and is divided into numerous sections including ancient history and archaeology, medieval history, contemporary history and more. Outside the front of the museum is another famous monument, the Capitoline Wolf. This was one of five copies of the Capitoline Wolf donated to Romania from Italy, and although the original donation in Chisinau was destroyed Romania donated a new copy to Moldova in 1990.

When Should You Visit?:

Chisinau has a continental climate which gives the city hot summers and cold winters. Generally the climate is quite dry though the wettest months are June and July. July and August are hottest with average highs of just over 26C, while January is the coldest month with an average high of 0.7C. From December to March there is snowfall.

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