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image of RibnitaAlso spelled Rabnita, the city of Ribnita is situated on the Dniester River in the west of Moldova. Like the rest of Moldova, Ribnita isn’t really a tourist destination, so you won’t find many attractions here. Ribnita is one of the largest cities in the region though, so you’ll find it does have a good number of facilities and services.

The nearest airport for international flights to Ribnita is the Kishinau Airport (airport code: KIV) which is just under 100 kilometres away. To get a flight to Ribnita from Johannesburg, you will usually have 2 connections though you can get a 1-stop flight with Turkish Airlines that stops in Istanbul. You can also transfer once in London with Virgin Atlantic. South African Airways will make 2 connections, in Cairo and Istanbul, which is the same route offered by Egyptair. Most flights to Ribnita are around 20 hours long though the time can be as long as 30 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ribnita:

Ribnita really isn’t a tourist destination so if you’re planning a trip, don’t expect to find much, if anything, in the way of tourist attractions. The city isn’t particularly geared to dealing with international tourists, as most of the people coming though Ribnita will be from other parts of Moldova. That said, there are several hotels in the city so there are places to stay, but don’t expect high class facilities and 5 star standards.

So what, if anything, would keep you busy in Ribnita? Well, if you’re passing through as a leisure tourist, or you’re here on business, there are a couple of things you can see in your spare time.

Ribnita is an old city that was founded in 1628 when it was just a village. It became more important as a town as early as 1657, when it developed quickly. From a distance you’d think Ribnita is full of high-rise apartment buildings and not much else, though actually the city centre does have a number of historical buildings and architecture, including monuments. Right in the heart of Ribnita is Lenin’s Statue and is sits right on the edge of the City Park. City Park is a sizeable park that provides a quiet oasis. It has numerous trees and places to sit as well as a couple of things to do for children, and an entertainment area where events happen in the summer months.


The capital of Moldova, Chisinau, is about an hour and a half by road from Ribnita, so you could visit Chisinau easily if you have a car.

Chisinau has a number of historical monuments and buildings including the country’s most famous, the Stephen the Great Monument. It’s also home to the National History Museum of Moldova, an impressive museum that’s definitely worth the visit.

When Should You Visit?:

Ribnita is warmest in the summer months when average high temperatures are around 25C. Unfortunately, June to August are the wetter months also, and being in a continental climatic zone winters are cold and snowy.

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