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image of TighinaTighina is a city of three names and Tighina is just one of these! It’s also commonly named Bender and Bendery and it’s situated in the south east of Moldova. Tighina is the historic name, but Bender is now the more commonly used name.

Flights to Bender or Tighina arrive at the Chisinau International Airport (airport code: KIV), which is 45 kilometres from Tighina. There are rental cars available and also a public bus that goes between Chisinau and Tighina. Travelling from South Africa, Lufthansa has a flight to Bender that connects in Munich, and Virgin Atlantic has a stop-over in London. For another route, you can catch a flight to Tighina with Ethiopian Airlines and have connections in Addis Ababa and then again in Istanbul.

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The Tourist Attractions of Tighina:

Whether you want to call it Tighina, Bender or Bendery this Moldovan city has just a few things that will attract tourists.

Bender Fortress
The city of Tighina was founded in 1408 as a customs post because this was the main link between Moldova and the Tatar Crimea. The original fort dates back to this time to protect the settlement against Tatar raids though this was quite a primitive fort made out of wood. A much more substantial fort was constructed from 1538 when the ottomans conquered the town and renamed it Bender. The fort was made into a full fortress at this time, with the use of much stronger building materials.

The same fort still stands here today in Tighina and it’s the main landmark of the city. It was added to, under the supervision of the Ottomans during the 18th century, and it remains fairly well preserved on the outside at least. It’s said that Bender Fortress is still used in part by the army and so unfortunately it’s not open to the public. Still you can get a good look at the outside from certain parts of Tighina anyway.

Monuments in Tighina
There are several memorials in Tighina too that represent some of the occupations of the city and the battles that have taken place within Moldova. There’s an impressive Soviet Memorial as well as a tank that’s a remnant of the Transnistrian Army.

Tighina Bus Terminal
Evidence of the Soviet occupation is very evident in the architecture of the Tighina Bus Station. The murals particularly are very Soviet in style and make an interesting attraction if you’ve never seen this kind of architecture before.

Dining in Tighina
Tighina isn’t exactly a tourist hotspot but you will find several locally owned and operated restaurants here. There are a few with more Western menus, or if you’re looking for a more Moldovan experience you’ll find several of these to try out too. Don’t forget to have a glass of Moldovan wine with your meal!

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are a good time to visit Tighina in terms of temperature though these months can be a little wetter than others. Temperatures don’t get extreme here but expect average highs in the mid 20s C. Winters are far cooler in comparison and here will be snowfall.

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