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Flights to La Condamine

image of La CondamineLa Condamine is one of the quarters of Monaco, and it’s the second oldest after Monaco-Ville. Best known for its exclusive harbour that’s lined with the yachts of the rich and famous, one of the reasons why La Condamine is a popular destination.

As there are no airports within the small nation of Monaco you cannot get a direct flight to La Condamine. The closest airport is the Nice Cote d’Azure Airport (airport code: NCE) in neighbouring France. From there, you can rent a car for the half-hour drive into Monaco or take one of the regular helicopter flights instead. Coming from South Africa, Turkish Airlines has a flight to La Condamine that stops once in Istanbul, and Emirates Airlines makes a connection in Dubai. You can also fly with Swiss Air and make a transfer in Zurich instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of La Condamine:

La Condamine is recognised as one of the old quarters of Monaco, though these days it is more properly designated as one of the ten wards of Monaco. Taking La Condamine with its old quarter boundaries it also includes the wards of Moneghetti, Les Revoires, and Le Colle which each add to the experience of visiting La Condamine, each with something a little different to offer.

To be honest, if you’re visiting La Condamine you’re also going to be visiting the other old quarters of Monaco too because this is such a small country everything is close by!

Port of Hercules
The main feature and attraction of La Condamine is definitely the port. There are two harbours in Monaco but this one in La Condamine is the largest and most famous. You could spend hours strolling around and admiring all the amazing yachts that are moored here, which quite often includes the Prince of Monaco’s yacht. As well as being called the Port of Monaco it’s also referred to as the Port of Hercules on some maps and guide books.

Les Revoires
Les Revoires is one of the modern day wards of Monaco but it’s within the old boundaries of the quarter of La Condamine. Within this ward you’ll find steep streets and if you can muster the energy to walk up them you’ll be rewarded with many excellent views of the Rock of Monaco and out to the Mediterranean. This also is a feature of the Moneghetti ward.

Another attraction within this part of La Condamine is the Jardin Exotique de Monaco. This attractive garden is set on a Cliffside and features over a thousand species of plants, mostly exotic, and especially includes many different cactus plants.

When Should You Visit?:

Like all of Monaco La Condamine has a nice Mediterranean climate that means it’s mild year round. Summers are quite long, with warm to hot weather lasting from May through to October, peaking in August when the average high is nearly 27C. There is rainfall during the summer but quite a lot less than during the winter. November and December are the wettest months, while January is the coolest with an average high of 12.8C.

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