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Flights to Monte Carlo

image of Monte CarloThough Monte Carlo is often thought to be the capital of Monaco this is not the case; it’s actually a Quarter of Monaco and an administrative area within this small European country. Monte Carlo is very famous all the same and a popular tourist destination.

Monaco has no airports, so the nearest airport for flights to Monte Carlo is Nice Cote d’Azure Airport (airport code: NCE) across the border in France. From the Nice airport, you can take a helicopter, train, taxi or rental car to Monte Carlo. By car, it’s a half-hour trip. For a flight to Monte Carlo that arrives in Nice, you can get various 1-stop routes. Swiss Air and South African Airways both connect in Zurich, and Turkish Airlines goes through Istanbul. Depending on the airline, the flight to Monte Carlo will take between 14 and 22 hours from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo, meaning Mount Charles, was named after Charles III of Monaco when it was founded in 1866, but settlement of the area goes back a lot further than this; Monte Carlo has been a port for over two thousand years. Nowadays the port is famous but Monte Carlo is most famous for its reputation for attracting the rich and famous and for its casino.

Monte Carlo Casino
Whenever anyone thinks of Monte Carlo it’s usually the casino that springs to mind! There’s no doubt that this is one of the major tourist attractions of Monte Carlo, though it’s not the only one. With its grand and ornate frontage this casino has appeared in several movies over the years, notably a couple of James Bond movies.

Monte Carlo Casino opened in 1863 though gambling was legalised in Monaco in 1854. Ironically Monte Carlo’s most famous attraction cannot be used by citizens of Monaco as they are forbidden to enter the gaming rooms of the casino.

The Monte Carlo Casino was expanded in 1910 to include the Grand Theatre of Monte Carlo, and it has beautifully landscaped gardens to enjoy too.

Hotel de Paris
Another famous landmark of Monte Carlo is the Hotel de Paris which is situated right next door to the Monte Carlo Casino and was opened in 1864. This grand hotel is part of the group of Palace Grand Hotels in Monaco.

Salle Garnier
Salle Garnier, or the Monaco Opera House, is another display of Monte Carlo’s wealth. This beautiful opera house has a very ornate auditorium with frescos and sculptures decorating it. Both opera and ballet performances take place here and there are usually 5 or 6 operas per season performed by the company. If you have the chance to get along to a performance it will be unforgettable, though rather expensive!

Formula 1 Grand Prix
One of the best known races on the Formula 1 calendar is at Monte Carlo. The race actually takes part on the streets of Monte Carlo and is one of the highlights of the year here.

When Should You Visit?:

From June to September you’ll get the best weather for visiting Monte Carlo as the summers are warm and dry. Average high temperatures are in the mid 20’s C. You can also visit during the winter for mild though wetter weather, with the highest rainfall between November and December.

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