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image of CetinjeCetinje is a historical and culturally rich town in southern Montenegro that has historically served as the capital of the country and today serves as a secondary capital to Podgorica.

The nearest airport for flights to Cetinje is the Tivat Airport (airport code: TIV), but the traffic is typically limited to flights between Cetinje and Moscow or a few European cities. So your flight to Cetinje will have to arrive at the Podgorica Airport (code: TGD) instead. It’s about 50 kilometres away from Cetinje. Flights to Podgorica usually have 2 connections from South Africa, such as London and Vienna if you fly with Virgin or British Airways. Lufthansa has transfers in Munich and Vienna instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cetinje:

While other cities in this part of Europe have really benefited from the tourism industry boom since the end of World War 2, Cetinje didn’t initially encourage tourism. This is a shame considering what the town has to offer. Now Cetinje is becoming a more popular tourist destination as more and more people are discovering the assortment of attractions is has to offer.

Cetinje Monastery
Among the historical buildings in Cetinje is the Cetinje Monastery. This Serb Orthodox monastery is the most famous of its kind in Montenegro and was founded between 1701 and 1704. Today the monastery contains several religious relics such as remains, the right hand of Saint John the Baptist, and the crown of Stefan Uros IV Dusan, who was the medieval emperor of Serbia. The Museum of the Cetinje Monastery can be visited to find out more about the history and background of the monastery.

Vlaska Church
Cetinje has several churches that each offer something a little different to the next. Vlaska Church for example is famous for its fence that’s made out of the barrels of captures enemy rifles! The church itself was built in 1450.

Museums in Cetinje
As Cetinje has been an historical capital of Montenegro and is still considered to be an important cultural centre for the country there are a number of museums to visit in the town in addition to the Museum of the Cetinje Monastery. There’s an interesting Electric Industry Museum, while another five museums are all part of the National Museum of Montenegro. These five museums are the State Museum, The Petar Petrovic Njegos Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, the History Museum, and the Art Museum. All of these include large and impressive collections.

Where to Stay in Cetinje
As the number of visitors to Cetinje increases so too do the number of places to stay. Right now there are some wonderful hotels and resorts in and around Cetinje that have a quite different feel to hotels and resorts of Western Europe. The welcome is always friendly and hospitable, and one of the top places to stay in undoubtedly the Hotel Grand. As the name suggests this is a grand hotel and it’s located in a park which used to be part of the royal family’s property.

When Should You Visit?:

Cetinje is a nice town to visit during the summer when temperatures are warm to hot and rainfall is at its lowest. You should expect to have average high temperatures in the high 20’s to low 30’s C from June to September. Winters are mild but rainfall is far heavier during the winter.

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