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image of PodgoricaPodgorica is both the capital and largest city of Montenegro and it’s situated just south of the centre of the country. With its mix of old and new architecture and a vibrant cultural scene Podgorica makes a nice place to stay and explore and has the benefit of being only an hour from the coast and an hour from the mountains and winter ski resorts.

The Podgorica Airport (airport code: TGD) serves flights to Podgorica, though it is often called the Golubovci Airport because it is actually closer to the town of Golubovci. Flights to Podgorica usually have 2 stops when travelling from South Africa. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both offer the same route, with connections in London and Vienna. If you fly with Lufthansa, the stops are in Munich and then Vienna. The flight to Podgorica is approximately 19 hours long from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Podgorica:

The Old Town
Podgorica was part of the Ottoman Empire up until 1878 and the Old Town (Stara Varos) is a great place to see and experience the Turkish influence. There are narrow winding streets that are somewhat Middle Eastern in character and include old Ottoman style buildings along with a couple of mosques and a Turkish clock tower. Podgorica was unfortunately heavily bombed during the Second World War so in fact there are far less buildings from this era than there otherwise might be.

Other Historical Attractions in Podgorica
As well as the Turkish era buildings in the old town of Podgorica there are several other historical attractions to see around the city. St George’s Church is one – this was built in the 10th century and sits on the slopes of Gorica Hill. The city was actually named after this hill. King Nikola’s Castle is a nice place to visit with its surrounding park also. The castle is now a museum.

Modern Landmarks in Podgorica
Podgorica has also undergone a lot of new development too. There are striking new additions to the city including the modern Millennium Bridge that crosses the Moraca River. The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is also a fairly new addition to Podgorica. Though it’s been built in a traditional orthodox style this church was actually completed in 1993.

Just Outside Podgorica
If you’re staying in Podgorica you can easily visit the Mediterranean coast for a day trip or the slopes of ski resorts during the winter. There are also several other attractions within the vicinity of Podgorica to see too. These include the remains of a ruined Roman city just a couple of miles from Podgorica today. Doclea (or Duklja) pre-dates Podgorica and was at one time the main city of this region. You can see more ruins at Meteon (Medun), about 8 miles from Podgorica; this is a ruined fortress that dates from the 3rd century.

There’s plenty of beautiful scenery just outside Podgorica too, including several national parks. The Moraca river canyon and its 13th century monastery are nice. There’s also Skadar Lake and its national park about 20 minutes from the city, and Lovcen National Park and mountain just a little further.

When Should You Visit?:

Podgorica has a climate that’s similar to Mediterranean, giving the city fairly long and warm to hot summers, and mild winters. Rainfall is considerably decreased from June to August, and with the higher temperatures this is often a good time to visit Podgorica. July and August are the hottest months with an average high of 33C, but any time from April to October gives you warm weather.

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