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Flights to Arnhem

image of ArnhemArnhem is one of the larger cities in the Netherlands and it’s the capital of the province of Gelderland. Arnhem is an interesting city that offers a mix of historical and modern attractions, museums and culture.

When booking a flight to Arnhem, you will need to arrive at the Eindhoven Airport (airport code: EIN) which is 70 kilometres away. It is the nearest airport that handles international flights to Arnhem. You will be able to get one-stop flights to Eindhoven with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways from South Africa. Either way, the connection will be in London. With Lufthansa, you will travel through Munich as well as London. Iberia and Egyptair also have service to Eindhoven.

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The Tourist Attractions of Arnhem:

There’s been a settlement at Arnhem for many centuries though the real origins of the current city date back to 1233 when it was granted city rights. In the 19th century Arnhem was a popular tourist destination because it was a resort town where people came to enjoy he beautiful scenery. Today there is still some great scenery and an assortment of gardens and green spaces to enjoy here.

Places of Interest in Arnhem
Arnhem does have modern amenities and architecture but it has also retained some of its historical charm too. The Korenmarkt is one of the major city squares where there would have traditionally been a market. Today it’s a popular place to sit and watch the world go by in one of the many caf├ęs and restaurants that line the square; their tables spilling out into the square itself. This is also a popular venue for bars, so it’s vibrant day and night.

The Grote Kerk, also known as St Eusebius, is one of Arnhem’s older churches. It was originally built between 1452 and 1560 but was damaged during World War 2. Parts of it had to be reconstructed, though oddly they chose a modern design, and it was again opened in 1962.

Arnhem Town Hall is another historical building. It was originally the home of Maarten van Rossum, but has been the town hall since 1830. It has the nickname Devil’s House due to its mythological Renaissance decoratives.

National Heritage Museum
Just outside Arnhem is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It’s the National Heritage Museum, or in Dutch, the Openluchtmuseum. The museum is an open-air museum that treats visitors to some of the culture and heritage of the Netherlands through historical buildings including homes, factories and farms. As well as the buildings there are often re-enactments showing how people lived, plus there is a heritage tram line in operation.

Burgers’ Zoo
No this attraction doesn’t have anything to do with hamburgers, but it is one of the largest and most visited zoos in the Netherlands, and it’s right in Arnhem! The zoo is split into eight different themed areas, including a tropical rainforest, safari park, aquariums, playground and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Rainfall is fairly steady in Arnhem across the year, with February, Aril, May and August having a little less than other months. You wouldn’t want to visit in February though as it’s pretty cool during the winter months. August is good as it’s the warmest month of the year in Arnhem with an average high of 22C. There’s more rain in June and July, though they are also warm months to visit too.

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