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image of BredaBreda is a sizeable city in the North Brabant province of the southern part of the Netherlands. Part of the Holy Roman Empire in the 11th century, Breda still has some buildings dating back hundreds of years, as well as a mix of modern architecture and culture.

If you are looking for a flight to Breda, you will have to arrive at Eindhoven Airport (airport code: EIN) which is 40 kilometres from Breda. There are both trains and buses between Eindhoven and Breda so the trip is fairly easy. You can get one-stop flights to Breda (arriving in Eindhoven) with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways from South Africa. They both connect in London. Lufthansa is another choice, and they have a route to Eindhoven that connects in Munich and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Breda:

Historic City Centre
Today Breda is a relatively modern city and though some of its old, medieval buildings were destroyed in past years, still a good number remain. In the city centre you’ll find the best examples of classic Dutch architecture. A particular highlight is the Beguinage (or in Dutch, Begijnhof). These beguinages exist in many Dutch cities and consist of a collection of small, usually terrace houses, that were used by the Beguines. The row of houses that make up Breda’s beguinage are very pretty. They face a small green space and at one end is a small church.

Two of the major churches in Breda are the Grote Kerk (simply meaning ‘Large Church’), and Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk (Church of Our Lady). The latter is an 18th century Gothic style church and it’s situated on Breda’s main square, Grote Markt, where there’s also the city hall to see.

Museums in Breda
For a city of this size Breda has a good number of museums, around ten of them in fact, making this a popular destination for those looking for culture. The museums have various themes, including the more general Breda Museum, and one dedicated to the city’s Beguinage, Begijnhof Breda Museum. Others are themed around graphic design and art.

Old Moats of Breda
One attraction that Breda is famous for is the old moats situated around the city centre. Moats were used so that boats could navigate a change in elevation of the rivers. Called ‘singels’ in Dutch, the moats are now a tourist attraction and you can join a tour to see them and find out more about their history.

Red Head Day
If you’re naturally a red head you might want to consider visiting Breda on the first weekend of September. Each year the city hosts the Red Head Day festival which is a gathering of people with naturally red hair. There are events and lectures aimed specifically at people with red hair, as well as a celebration of art that is related in some way to the colour red.

When Should You Visit?:

The sunniest and warmest times to visit Breda are between May and August, when average highs reach between 19 and 24C, though this doesn’t mean the city is devoid of rainfall. Like most other cities in the Netherlands Breda can have rainfall all year round, and in fact July and August are on average the wettest months. April has the lowest rainfall and pleasant temperatures so could be a good time to visit, while September and October are nice too.

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