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image of DelftSituated in the province of South Holland is the city of Delft, located between The Hague and Rotterdam. This historic city may not be as well known as the capital, Amsterdam, but it is equally as interesting and beautiful with its many canals, historic architecture and more.

There is no airport directly serving flights to Delft, but the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (airport code: AMS) is the nearest one for good international service from South Africa. There is a rail service between Schiphol Airport and Delft for fairly easy access though you will have to change trains once during the hour-long ride. Egyptair has a flight to Delft arriving in Amsterdam, that goes through Cairo, and Swiss Air makes a transfer in Zurich. If you book with South African Airways instead, you will stop in London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Delft:

Delft is a popular destination though not as popular as Amsterdam. This makes it a good alternative to the capital city if you want to experience some of the things that the Dutch culture is famous for – canals, historical buildings, bicycle paths, and particularly in Delft, ceramics. You can enjoy these things in a quieter and less busy place than Amsterdam if you come to Delft.

Delft is a historic city that dates back to the 13th century and still contains some of the original buildings from this period.

The Old Church (Oude Kerk) dates back to 1246 though it’s on the site of even earlier churches that date back another couple of hundred years. The highlight of this Gothic style church is the 75 metres high tower which actually leans quite substantially and has a beautiful setting on one of the canals.

The New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) overtook the old one in terms of grandeur and size with its taller tower. It too is built in the Gothic style and it’s a prominent landmark standing as it does on Delft Market Square. The church is best known as being the home of the Dutch royal crypt – there are 11 people buried within the old vault dating back to 1584, and 35 in the new vault dating back from 1651, right up to 2004. Also on Delft Market Square is the City Hall, another prominent landmark.

The Prinsenhof is a popular attraction. This was the ‘Court of the Prince’ though it was originally built as a monastery in the Middle Ages. The attractive gardens are nice to walk around, and you can visit inside the palace by entering the municipal museum.

Delft is famous for its blue and white ceramics, and you can visit and tour the Royal Delft Factory here in the city. During the 1700s there were as many 32 factories of this kind located in Delft. The Royal Delft Factory is now the only remaining one from that time and offers insight into how the ceramics are made, plus of course gives visitors the opportunity to purchase some of these beautiful pieces.

With its assortment of canals winding their way through Delft you can’t visit this city without taking a canal cruise. The canals give you a different and unique perspective of Delft so are a highly recommended way to see more of the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Delft is most popular during the summer when temperatures are mild to warm and you can enjoy walking or cycling around the city. Rainfall is common throughout the year so be prepared for some whatever time you visit Delft.

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