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Flights to Eindhoven

image of EindhovenEindhoven is the Netherlands’ fifth largest city and it’s situated in the south of the country in the North Brabant province.

The local airport is Eindhoven Airport (airport code: EIN) which is 7 kilometres outside of the city and one of the largest airports in the Netherlands. There are public buses for easy access to and from the airport. You can get one-stop flights to Eindhoven with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways. They both have a connection in London. If you fly with Lufthansa, you will be making two transfers in Munich as well as in London. Most flights to Eindhoven are 24 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Eindhoven:

Eindhoven started life as a small town but earned its place on the map in 1232 when it was granted city status. Following this the city began to grow as it had a great strategic position on the confluence of two rivers, the Dommel and the Gender. The city was fortified and added a castle, but twice it was taken by enemy forces, then in 1554 many of the homes and buildings were destroyed in a great fire.

Eindhoven was fought over between the Dutch and the Spanish, and was taken by the Spanish in 1583. They subsequently demolished the old city walls. Because of this, and having been destroyed several times, Eindhoven doesn’t have as many historical buildings and landmarks as some other Dutch cities. Even so, there are some more modern landmarks that Eindhoven is famous for, as well as a good number of museums and culture to enjoy here.

Philips Lamp Factory
The now worldwide electronics company, Philips, was founded here in Eindhoven by Anton and Gerard Philips back in 1891. They began by producing incandescent lamps and the factory in which the company started still stands here in Eindhoven today. You can take a trip back in time by visiting the factory where you can find out more about how the incandescent lamp was made and the impact it had. The factory is also home to an art gallery with a difference: the Foundation Artificial Light in Art. Here, all 600 or so works have artificial light as their central theme, whether they are paintings or sculptures.

The DAF Museum
Another of Eindhoven’s famous companies is DAF, manufacturers of trucks and cars. The DAF Museum is right here in Eindhoven and visitors can see a number of their classic cars, including racing cars made by the company. There are many prototypes too that are very interesting as these were designs that never made it past the drawing board. In addition there are around 40 trucks on permanent display here.

When Should You Visit?:

Rainfall is fairly consistent in Eindhoven across the year, though on average July is the wettest month and April the driest. July is also the warmest month (average high 24C), so if you want warmer weather you may have to compromise on the rain! Otherwise May through September are warm months. Winters are cool and with the rainfall not really a good time to visit Eindhoven.

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