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image of EnschedeAlso known as Eanske in local dialect, the city of Enschede is situated in the north east of the Netherlands. Enschede is the largest city of the region and province, and was formerly a textile town. Today there are several museums in Enschede for visitors to see.

The Enschede Airport Twente (airport code: ENS) is no longer running, so flights to Enschede now come to Munster Osnabruck International Airport (code: FMO). The distance is about 55 kilometres from Munster to Enschede, and there is a regular train service. From South Africa there are one stop flights to Enschede with either South African Airways or Lufthansa. The first one connects in Frankfurt, and the second in Munich. Virgin Atlantic has 2 stops in its flight to Enschede, connecting in London and then again in Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Enschede:

A Short History of Enschede
There’s been a small community in Enschede since medieval times, when there was a church and just a couple of houses. Several fires over the next few hundred years meant that most of the original settlements were destroyed so Enschede isn’t really a city you’d come to, to see historical attractions. The city really began to grow in the mid to late 1800s with the industrial revolution. It grew as a textile town from just a cottage industry into large scale production in factories, with a population boom as thousands of workers were attracted here. All this ended in the 1970s when the competition for textiles from the Far East was too great and Enschede suddenly went into decline. Over the past few decades though, lots has been put into Enschede and the city is bouncing back.

Old Market Square
The Old Market Square is one of the more picturesque parts of Enschede; framed by the Grote Kerk (large church), and still a venue for markets to this day. This would have been the site of the original settlements in Enschede so it’s the most historic part of the city. As well as hosting the regular market, the Old Market Square is the venue for numerous other events across the year, including concerts, live music and other cultural activities.

The market is very popular with locals, and with Germans who come across the border just a short distance away, but there are also numerous shops in Enschede. The city actually has far more, and larger stores, than you would usually find in a city of this size, so it’s a great place to come shopping.

Museums in Enschede
Enschede has several museums including one of art, and another of history. The Rijksmuseum Twenthe has existed in Enschede since 1927 when it was founded by a local textile industry baron. He donated his own collection, as well as the building, for an art museum, and today it is the largest in the east of the Netherlands. The museum exhibits a range of art from different periods including 17th and 18th century, 19th century impressionists, and 20th century contemporary works.

TwenteWelle is the second of Enschede’s museums. It was opened partly within a former textile factory in 2008, and is the result of a merger between the natural history museum, and a museum of the history of the textiles industry.

When Should You Visit?:

You’ll find the warmest weather for sightseeing in Enschede is from May to September when there are average highs in the high teens to low 20’s C. You should expect rainfall though as rain is possible at any time of year in Enschede, though wettest between November and January.

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