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image of GroningenThe city of Groningen is the capital of the Dutch province of Groningen and it’s located in the north of the Netherlands. A historic city, Groningen features many medieval buildings, and like other Dutch cities, is surrounded by a canal.

The Groningen Airport Eelde (airport code: GRQ) is just under 10 kilometres away from the city to the south, and offers flights to Groningen on a few major airlines. They all have 2 connections. You can get a flight to Groningen with Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, South African Airways or British Midland. All of them offer the same route, with stop-overs in London and then in Aberdeen. Durations vary slightly but most flights to Groningen from South Africa are usually just over 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Groningen:

Like many other popular Dutch cities Groningen has an attractive historic centre which is surrounded by a canal. This gives Groningen a special atmosphere, especially during the summer when you can enjoy the canal by boat cruise, or even rent a canoe and paddle yourself around to get a unique perspective of the city. Whether you walk, cycle or paddle, the main sites of interest to look out for include the following:

The Martini Tower
No this isn’t somewhere you’d go to enjoy a cocktail! The Martini Tower is actually the tallest church in Groningen and it’s dedicated to Saint Martinus. The church tower is one of the main landmarks of the city and is popular with tourists because you can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the great city views if you buy a ticket.

Groninger Museum
Groningen has several museums, the most important of which is the Groninger Museum. The museum was actually established back in 1894 but since 1994 it has been housed within a modern, purpose built building, that more reflects what’s inside the museum: modern and contemporary art. The building has really helped to make this one of the best art museums in the Netherlands, and it stands on one of the city’s canals. Inside there are works from national and international artists, as well as local artists to Groningen, and there are temporary as well as permanent exhibitions here.

Historical Buildings in Groningen
Many of Groningen’s historical buildings are in stark contrast to the modern lines of the Groninger Museum. As you wander around the city you’ll come across some lovely medieval constructions, and the city is particularly noted for its beautiful late-medieval guest houses with courtyards. The University of Groningen is another historical attraction. It is the second oldest university in the Netherlands, established in 1614, and has a very attractive main building.

When Should You Visit?:

Spring and summer can be quite wet in Groningen, but the compromise is the warmer weather from May to September, when average highs range between 17 and 22C. Winters are cool though on average it stays above freezing, so doesn’t get really cold here – the average high in January is still 4.6C. There’s occasionally snowfall during the winter but this doesn’t usually stay for very long.

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