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image of HaarlemmermeerThe municipality of Haarlemmermeer is in the North Holland province of the Netherlands, and only a short distance from Amsterdam. Haarlemmermeer includes a number of towns where there’s a variety of things to see and do.

Flights to Haarlemmermeer arrive at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (airport code: AMS) which is actually located within the municipality of Haarlemmermeer so it’s both quick and easy to get and from the airport. Many airlines offer flights to Haarlemmermeer and the Amsterdam airport, so there are several choices. Egyptair connects once in Cairo, and Turkish Airlines makes a transfer in Istanbul. South African Airways also travels through Cairo. You can also get a 1-stop flight to Haarlemmermeer with Swiss Air that has a stop-over in Zurich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Haarlemmermeer:

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer was once a lake, but the land was reclaimed from the water in the 19th century. They drained the water via steam mills and it took a total of four years to remove all of the water so that they could start using the land for building!

Museum De Cruquius
The best place to find out more about the innovative way in which they pumped out the lake is the Museum De Cruquius. This museum is housed within one of the old mills, the Cruquius steam pumping station, that was used to remove the water. Today you get to visit the old station as well as having the chance to see what is believed to be the largest steam engine ever built.

Stelling van Amsterdam
Meaning the Defence Line of Amsterdam, Stelling van Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and much of it is situated within Haarlemmermeer. The ‘Line’ consists of a ring of fortifications that were built to protect Amsterdam. The entire ring is 135 kilometres long and was made of 42 forts that were built between 1880 and 1920. Many of the forts are within the Haarlemmermeer municipality and are owned by town councils so they can be visited at certain times.

Haarlemmermeer has a selection of public parks but Haarlemmermeersebos is the largest of them. It contains a 40 metre high man-made hill that’s very popular with visitors and locals alike as it’s the highest point around, hence giving some great views. The hill is aptly named Spotters Hill! The park is popular in the summer months as there’s a large lake where you can enjoy swimming and other water based activities.

When Should You Visit?:

May through September you’ll experience warm temperatures in Haarlemmermeer, however, July and September are two of the wetter months of the year. Average high temperatures are between 18 and 23C in these months. October is even wetter, while April is the driest month but is a little cooler at 14C so not so nice for sightseeing. Winters are cool and fairly bleak, with little in the way of sunshine though it never gets really cold here – the average high in January (the coldest month) is still well above freezing at 5C.

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