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Flights to s-Hertogenbosch

image of s-HertogenboschThe rather strangely named municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch is situated in the southern Netherlands about 80 kilometres from Amsterdam. Translated, ‘s-Hertogenbosch means The Duke’s Forest but the town is rarely called this by the locals, and more often known as Den Bosch, simply meaning The Forest.

The nearest major airport for flights to ‘s-Hertogenbosch is Eindhoven Airport (airport code: EIN) which is only 28 kilometres away. There are several one and 2 stop options for flights to ‘s-Hertogenbosch arriving in Eindhoven from South Africa. You will have a connection in London if you fly with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways, but Lufthansa has 2 transfers in their route, stopping in Munich and then also in London. Iberia and Egyptair also offer service to Eindhoven.

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The Tourist Attractions of s-Hertogenbosch:

‘s-Hertogenbosch is one of the older cities in the Netherlands an was founded in medieval times when it grew as a fortified city. Some of those fortifications can still be seen here in Den Bosch today, and along with a number of historical landmarks, ‘s-Hertogenbosch makes a nice place to visit.

Old City and Ramparts
The ramparts and fortifications of ‘s-Hertogenbosch have been remarkably well preserved and restored over the years so there’s still a substantial amount of the original fortifications left to see in Den Bosch, and, there are even more plans to restore more of the original fortifications too.

You can walk along a number of streets that run alongside the ramparts to get a great view of them, and one of the reasons why these ramparts haven’t been taken down as in many other cities is because they also help to keep back the water.

Away from the fortifications there are many other examples of history to see here in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The city is home to the oldest standing brick house in the Netherlands, called de Moriaan, which is now home to the tourist centre and is located on the city’s market square. The historic town hall is also on this square, and it features classic Dutch architecture from the 17th century.

There are numerous lovely churches and other buildings to see too. Saint John’s Cathedral is a major landmark and it features some spectacular gothic architecture. Originally it dated from the 1200s but in 1505 the church that stood here was largely demolished to make way for the new St John’s which was completed in 1525. The cathedral is a popular tourist attraction in Den Bosch due to the highly ornate interior and exterior decorations.

For something completely different while visiting Den Bosch you should take a tour of the subterranean sections of the River Dieze which runs through ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Around the centre it is called Binnendieze and is a network of canals that’s been partly covered for many years after people started building over the old canals.

When Should You Visit?:

‘s-Hertogenbosch is wettest in the months of November and December, and these are two of the coldest months also with an average high of 9 and 6C respectively. Temperatures drop further in January though it’s not quite as rainy. Warmer temperatures come from April onwards when it rises from an average high of 13C to 22C in July and August. Unfortunately June, July and August are also quite wet though.

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