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image of The HagueThe Hague is the Netherlands’ third largest city and though it’s not the official capital of the country it is the provincial capital and the seat of the Dutch parliament, government and Royal Court, making this an important city. The Hague has many attractions including a historic centre.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (airport code: RTM) is 6 kilometres outside of the city and is easily reachable by shuttle bus and rail service. There is only one airline that has 1-stop flights to The Hague from South Africa, and that’s British Midland. They have a connection in London. If you fly with South African Airways, you’ll have two transfers in Munich and Hamburg. Lufthansa also has flights to The Hague. Their route goes through Frankfurt and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of The Hague:

The city of The Hague originated back in the 1200s when a hunting lodge was built. This lodge was later extended and made into a palace for William II, Count of Holland, and part of this original palace still exists today as part of the Binnenhof, the home of the Dutch parliament. Today the historic centre of The Hague is a popular attraction and contrasts greatly with the modern skyscrapers that tower over it.

The Plein
Meaning ‘square’ The Hague’s Plein is a great place to see this contrasting architecture. It’s surrounded by historic and traditional Dutch buildings, yet in the background you can see the modern glass skyscrapers of The Hague’s commercial centre. On three of the four sides of this square are historic buildings, many of which are government related, while on the other side are popular caf├ęs and bars that become especially crowded in the summer months. Right in the centre of the square is a famous statue of William of Orange who is credited as the founder of the country.

The Binnenhof is one of those government buildings that lines the Plein and this historical building has been the home of the Dutch government since 1446. Meaning ‘Inner Court’, the Binnenhof now consists of a large collection of buildings from different periods in history. One of these is the Ridderzaal, and it dates back to the original palace and the 13th century. Meaning Knight’s Hall, this building is still used today for important events such as the state opening of parliament and the Queen’s speech.

Parks and Museums of The Hague
As The Hague grew they were careful to keep lots of green spaces and those parks still remain in the city today. During the summer The Hague’s parks are very popular with both locals and visitors, and they include the oldest forested area in the country, Haagse Bos, and a former estate park that’s home to one of the oldest Japanese gardens in Europe.

The Hague has plenty of museums too. The Municipal Museum concentrates on art, as does the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, while the Museum de Gevangenpoort is altogether different. This was once a prison and shows visitors the terrible way in which prisoners were treated back in medieval times.

When Should You Visit?:

The Hague isn’t one of the warmest cities but if you visit in the summer you’ll usually be able to enjoy warm days. The average high in July and August is around 17C, and in the late spring and early autumn it’s a couple of degrees cooler than this. Winters are cool and hence not the best time to visit The Hague, and whenever you go there’s the possibility of rainfall.

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