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image of UtrechtUtrecht is the Netherlands’ fourth largest city and is the capital of the Dutch province of Utrecht. The ancient city of Utrecht still has many historic landmarks, as well as museums and culture.

There is no airport immediately serving flights to Utrecht, but the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (airport code: AMS) is only 35 kilometres away. There is regular rail service between Schiphol and Utrecht. Most major airlines have 1-stop flights to Utrecht (arriving in Amsterdam); Kenya Airways will connect in Nairobi; Turkish Airlines stops in Istanbul, and South African Airways connects in London. British Airways also stops in London. You can also get a flight to Utrecht that connects in Munich if you fly with Lufthansa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Utrecht:

The city of Utrecht dates back to Roman times, so this is a truly ancient city. There’s a multitude of historic attractions to visit here, though they all date from more modern history. As well as the landmarks Utrecht is dotted with canals, and has some great museums, making this a city that should appeal to many different tastes.

The Dom Church and Dom Tower
The most striking landmark of Utrecht is the Dom Tower, and it’s the symbol of the city. Standing 112.5 metres high the tower is not only the tallest church in the city, but the tallest in the Netherlands, and it can be seen from miles around. Built between 1321 and 1382, the tower was part of the Dom Church, also called St Martin’s Cathedral. The tower still stands today, but most of the cathedral is no longer standing after being badly damaged by a storm in 1674. There are regular guided tours of the tower, which includes the opportunity to climb the 465 steps to the top. If you visit on a clear day you’ll be luck enough to see the whole of Utrecht as well as to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Oudegracht
The Oudegracht is the ‘Old Canal’ of Utrecht and it runs right through the centre of the city. Following some parts of the River Rhine through Utrecht, the old canal is now a major tourist attraction as it’s lined with popular caf├ęs and restaurants that are housed within old converted warehouses.

Rietveld Schroder House
From the historic architecture of the Dom Church and Tower, to the more modern, Utrecht has it all! The Rietveld Schroder House is an acclaimed example of more modern architecture, and it’s been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 because of its uniqueness. Built in 1924 for Mrs Schroder-Schrader by architect Gerrit Reitveld, it was completely different to any architecture before it. The house closely followed the ideas of De Stijl (The Style) art movement and it’s open for guided tours today, having been restored.

When Should You Visit?:

Like most of the rest of the Netherlands, Utrecht has an oceanic climate. This means there’s rainfall across the year. The sunniest months are May, June and July, while July and August are the warmest, with average highs of 23C. Autumn can be nice in terms of temperature, though October is the wettest month on average. May is a good time though as temperatures are warm and this has one of the lowest rainfalls.

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