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image of BergenBergen is Norway’s second largest city and it’s located on the south west coast. Bergen is a picturesque city in its own right, as well as being the most popular gateway into Norway’s scenic fjords.

Bergen is served by the Bergen Airport Flesland (airport code: BGO), about 20 kilometres outside the city. There is frequent bus service and taxis available to take you to downtown. There are both 1 and 2 stop flights to Bergen with major airlines from South Africa. Both BMI and British Airways take the same route through London and Copenhagen, but the BMI flight is half the price. A flight to Bergen with Lufthansa just stops once in Frankfurt. Most Bergen flights are between 15 and 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bergen:

Bergen is a popular city both for its own attractions and as the gateway into Norway’s fjords, plus it has a thriving cultural and artistic scene. Among the most popular attractions are the following:

The Bryggen area of Bergen is one of the oldest and it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated alongside the docks, this part of the city has been in use since 1350 and despite numerous fires there are still some very well preserved buildings to here today. The buildings are still in use as shops and restaurants and if you stand back and look at the line of colourful terraced buildings you can actually see that they are leaning over on each other! Take time to explore the little alleys that go between the stores and you’ll get a real feel for what the city would have been like hundreds of years ago. The Bryggens Museum gives an extra insight into historical life and architecture in Bergen.

The Fish Market
Also along the water’s edge is Bergen’s Fish Market. These days it’s more of a tourist trap than anything else but it does have historical value. There are now tourist shops and a few seafood stalls here, but for quality seafood you’re better off shopping elsewhere in Bergen.

Rising above Bergen are mountains and on a clear day, when the views are best, you can take the funicular up Floyen, a plateau on the mountain. The views going up in the funicular, and from the top are quite spectacular as you can see across the city and out into the sea. There’s a restaurant at the top and a few other attractions including walks.

Bergen Aquarium
Among the many other attractions in Bergen, Bergen Aquarium stands out, especially if you’re visiting with children. There are outside exhibits including the popular penguins and seals, and you can get very close to the penguins when it’s feeding time. Inside there are large tanks that feature both Norwegian local sea life, as well as tropical fish from around the world. The shark tank and underwater tunnel are popular.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Bergen is surprisingly mild considering its latitude. During the winter it’s cool but even in January the average high does not drop below freezing. Summers are mild with the average high in July being 18C, however whenever you visit you should expect some rain as Bergen is a relatively wet city.

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