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image of TrondheimAt one time Trondheim was the capital of Norway and now it is the third largest city in the country. Situated in the centre of Norway, Trondheim is a popular destination and features a variety of interesting attractions.

Many international airlines offer flights to Trondheim Airport, Vaernes (airport code: TRD) but only one has a 1-stop route from South Africa. KLM stops once in Amsterdam, but all others have 2 connections. Lufthansa has a flight to Trondheim through Munich and Oslo, or Egyptair transfers in Cairo and Amsterdam. Kenya Airways also has flights to Trondheim, with stops in Nairobi and Amsterdam. Trondheim Airport is about 19 kilometres outside of the city and there is a direct rail line to the station in town.

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The Tourist Attractions of Trondheim:

As the oldest of Norway’s major cities, Trondheim has much in the way of history to offer. It was first founded in the year 997 as a trading post, and during the Viking Age it served as the capital of Norway. There are some historic buildings left standing in Trondheim though the city has suffered numerous great fires so unfortunately there’s not as much here as there could be. The main landmarks and attractions include the following:

Kristiansten Fortress
A couple of Trondheim’s most recognisable landmarks were constructed after one of those great fires in 1681. Kristiansten Fortress was built to defend the city and was constructed between 1681 and 1685. It stood up to a Swedish invasion in 1718 and was used up until 1816. Today you can enjoy some nice views from the fortress as it stands on top of a hill in Trondheim.

Old Town Bridge
Old Town Bridge is another of those landmarks built after the 1681 fire. In Norwegian it is Gamle Bybro, and the bridge crosses the Nidelva River, and like the fortress it was completed in 1685. The Old Town Bridge was also part of Trondheim’s fortifications and it had a guardhouse and toll payable at either side of it. Originally built of wood, the bridge has had several reconstructions over its lifetime.

The Old Town Bridge is a popular vantage point from which to see some of the older harbour and riverside buildings that are built in wood and of a traditional Norwegian construction.

Nidaros Cathedral
Nidaros Cathedral is the most striking landmark in Trondheim and like the rest of the city it has had a troubled history. Originally the church was started in 1070 and finished around 1300. Fires badly damaged it 1327 and 1531, and then it was nearly razed to the ground by another fire in 1708. The cathedral you see here today dates from a major rebuilding project that was begun in 1869 and not finished until 2001.

Museums in Trondheim
To complement the historical architecture in Trondheim there are quite a number of museums in the city. The main ones are the Trondheim Museum of Arts, the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, and Trondheim Science Museum, though several other smaller ones also exist here.

When Should You Visit?:

For sightseeing summers are definitely the best time to visit Trondheim as temperatures can be warm and it’s relatively sunny. July is warmest at an average high of around 19C though this is one of the year’s wettest months also so bring raincoats or umbrellas with you. Temperatures drop off and so do sunshine hours into the winter, and snow is common.

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