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image of GdanskIn German, the city is also called Danzig, and it’s located right on the Baltic Sea. Today Gdansk is part of Poland, but has been part of Germany in the past as territories changed hands through history. The city has many cultural and historic sites to see.

Flights to Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport (airport code: GDN) generally take between 17 and 21 hours when you leave from Johannesburg. A flight to Gdansk with South African Airways will connect once in Frankfurt, and Lufthansa takes a route through Munich. Other flights to Gdansk all have 2 stops. Virgin Atlantic will pass through London and Warsaw, which is the same route offered by British Midland. KLM offers another choice, and they have transfers in Amsterdam and Warsaw.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gdansk:

St. Mary’s Church
The full name of the church is the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it may be the largest brick church in the entire world. It’s built in the Gothic style and is larger than many medieval castles. Construction began on the church in 1379 and took around 200 years to be completed. The large clock that was built in 1464 is impressive in its own right. Services are still held on Sundays so be respectful during your visits.

Archaeological Museum
In the eastern part of Gdansk, the Archaeological Museum has a huge collection of local archaeological and cultural artefacts for the city and the region. They have fossils, mineral samples, old coins, tools, jewellery and pottery. Periodic temporary exhibits will highlight different themes in the collection too.

Beaches and Swimming
There are several beaches in Gdansk with many opportunities to go swimming, however, even the summers are not particularly hot here! Stogi Beach is a clean sandy beach with great swimming (and known for its cold water).

Gdansk Zoo
The Gdansk Zoo is one of the largest in Poland, and it covers more than 250 acres. Two hundred and twenty species of animals are living at the zoo, in natural surroundings that represent 6 continents. There is also a smaller petting zoo where children can walk around with the animals and feed them.

Long Market
The Long Market isn’t actually a market, but an old merchant road of Gdansk that is lined with a number of interesting and historic buildings. It runs from Long Lane to the Green Gate, and the tall narrow buildings are in a classic Renaissance style. In Polish, it’s Dlugi Targ, and marked as such on local maps.

SS Soldek
The Polish freighter, the SS Soldek, was the first ship built in Poland after the end of WWII. Today it is permanently docked in Gdansk as a museum ship for tours.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers in Gdansk are warm but never really hot, and make for great sight-seeing weather. Plan your visit from June until late August for daytime temperatures around 20C (68F). Spring and autumn are cooler, and would require a jacket when spending time outside. Winters will drop to freezing temperatures between January and February.

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