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image of SantanaSantana is a municipality in northern Madeira, part of the Portuguese archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The municipality is best known for its traditional Madeiren homes, making it a popular destination for tourists.

The airport for flights to Santana is the Madeira Airport (airport code: FNC), located on the other side of the island. The airport is still also known as Funchal Airport. Most flights to Santana have 2 connections, usually going through Lisbon before arrival. Iberia stops in Madrid and Lisbon; British Airways goes via London and Lisbon, and Lufthansa has a route through Munich and Lisbon. When leaving from South Africa, most flights to Santana are going to be around 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Santana:

The municipality of Santana includes the town of the same name plus five other smaller parishes, Arco de Sao Jorge, Faial, Ilha, Sao Jorge, and Sao Roque do Faial. All are smaller than the town of Santana but offer plenty of opportunity to get away from it all if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday in Madeira!

Santana is in the north of Madeira where the coastline is rugged and mountainous. This may not be the most popular destination in Madeira when it comes to tourism but tourism is still big here, especially due to the high number of traditional homes you can see in the Santana region. These homes are instantly recognisable as they have such sharply pitched roofs making the building a triangular shape, plus they often feature colourful trims and shuttered windows, so they’re very quaint and attractive. The roofs are protected with straw and they’re so prevalent in this part of Madeira because the Santana region has remained quite rural. These are after all rural homes that were constructed during the settlement of Madeira and used by farmers.

While visiting Santana to see the traditional homes you should spend some time exploring the villages and the countryside too. These aren’t large tourist resorts but small villages where the local people come to shop and work. You’ll find a few shops and places to eat, plus general services such as a post office and bank.

Though the coastline is rugged there are some beaches here and if you want to spend some time enjoying the beach you’ll probably find they’re a little quieter here than in other parts of Madeira. Inland the mountains make a great place for walking or hiking and you can of course enjoy some wonderful views over Santana and the coastline.

The Santana region is also home to Madeira’s theme park. Far from being a place where you’ll see roller coasters and attractions this is a theme park in the traditional sense of the word – a park that’s based around the theme of Madeira’s history and culture, so it’s the place to come to discover more about these elements of the island of Madeira and neighbouring Porto Santo.

When Should You Visit?:

Santana is perfect for visiting throughout the year as temperatures remain warm, year-round. The only thing to bear in mind is that winters are fairly wet, experiencing the majority of the rainfall, yet it stays warm – the average high in the coolest months of January and February is still 19C. September is only just the hottest month on average when the average high is 25.7C.

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