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image of BrasovBrasov is a historic city situated in the Transylvania region of Romania, right in the heart of the country. The picturesque medieval city centre of Brasov is well preserved, and its central location makes Brasov a good place to start a touring holiday of Romania.

A local airport is under construction, but currently the nearest arrival point for flights to Brasov is the Sibiu International Airport (airport code: SBZ). This brings you to the city of Sibiu, about 120 kilometres from Brasov, and there are buses between the cities if you need transit. All flights to Brasov have 2 stops when coming from Johannesburg, except for Lufthansa; they have a 1-transfer route through Munich. Virgin Atlantic goes via London and Munich, and a flight to Brasov with South African Airways stops in Munich and Timisoara.

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The Tourist Attractions of Brasov:

With a well preserved medieval centre, Brasov is a tourist attraction in its own right, yet it’s also a great starting point for touring the Transylvania region and enjoying a good range of attractions nearby. One of Romania’s most famous castles is amongst those attractions, Bran Castle.

Bran Castle
About 30 kilometres away from Brasov, Bran Castle is a national monument and landmark of Romania. It’s best known as being Dracula’s Castle and although marketed as the home of Dracula there isn’t actually tangible evidence that suggests Bram Stoker’s famous novel was based on this castle. Even so, it’s a fabulous place to visit if you have an interest in the legends of vampires and their association with Transylvania! Set up on a hillside, the castle has many turrets and towers and can be toured on your own or with a guided tour group.

Also just a short distance from Brasov are two other castles, worthy of visiting while you’re staying here in Brasov. The first is Prejmer Fortress, built by the Teutonic Knights between 1212 and 1213, and the second is Rasnov Fortress, again built by the Teutonic Knights around 1215.

The Black Church
In Brasov, one of the major landmarks is the Black Church, or Biserica Neagra. It’s a cathedral in the gothic style that was built by the Germans of Brasov in the late 14th century. Originally the church was for the Roman Catholic faith, and it earned its name of Black Church after a large fire in 1689.

The Black Church is one of the monuments of Brasov’s Old Town, where many medieval era buildings still stand well preserved to this day. There’s a main square and a number of pedestrian only streets where the tables of caf├ęs and restaurants spill out in the summer.

Another major church to visit while in Brasov is St Nicholas Church, dating from 1292. It too was ortiginally built in the Gothic style but has since been refurbished in the Baroque style and features historic frescoes.

Catherine’s Gate
Though there are fortresses to see nearby, Brasov itself was once a fortress city. Not much of that fortress remains today but there are still some of the old city walls to be seen and one original gate, the only one to have survived from medieval times. Catherine’s Gate was built in 1559 and has been restored to its original glory.

When Should You Visit?:

For seeing all the sights in Brasov and the surrounding region, summers are a good time to come as temperatures are warm. Brasov is also a good destination for winter sports as there’s a ski resort close by, and usually plenty of snowfall to enjoy.

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