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Flights to Cluj-Napoca

image of Cluj-NapocaThe city of Cluj-Napoca is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Romania, and is the capital of the historical region of Transylvania. Cluj-Napoca is located in the north west of Romania and has many cultural and architectural treats.

Flights to Cluj-Napoca will arrive at the Cluj-Napoca International Airport (airport code: CLJ) which is less than 10 kilometres away from the city. The only airline that offers a one-stop flight to Cluj-Napoca from South Africa is Lufthansa, and they connect in Munich. If you fly with Austrian Airlines, you’ll have transfers in Frankfurt and Vienna, while KLM makes connections in Amsterdam and then Bucharest. Flights to Cluj-Napoca range from 15 hours to more than 24.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cluj-Napoca:

The history of Cluj-Napoca dates back to Roman times though the origins of the present city come more from medieval times when a fortress and several homes were built here. Over the next several hundred years Cluj-Napoca grew in importance and there are still a number of historical landmarks to see in the city today.

Churches in Cluj-Napoca
The major churches are among the most prominent and important landmarks of Cluj-Napoca. St Michael’s Church is the second largest church in Transylvania, but it has the highest tower at 76 metres. This is the city’s Roman Catholic church and it was built in the gothic style between 1442 and 1447. The tower came later, though the one you see today is actually the second tower to have been built, in 1862.

The most famous Romanian Orthodox church in Cluj-Napoca is the Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral and it’s very striking with its tall, slender central dome and bright white exterior walls. This is a far newer addition to the skyline of Cluj-Napoca as it was built between 1923 and 1933.

Cluj-Napoca Central Park
As an escape from the bustle of the city Cluj-Napoca has a number of public parks of which Central Park is the best known. It features beautiful avenues of trees and was founded in the 19th century. In the centre there is a small lake where rowing boats are available for hire. The park is also home to the Chios Casino.

Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden
The city’s botanical gardens are also well known. The gardens were founded in 1920 and now feature over 10,000 plants from all over the world. There is an attractive Japanese Garden, as well as a slightly less commonly seen Roman Garden which actually features Roman remains from the colony of Napoca, the former name of Cluj-Napoca.

The National Museum of Transylvanian History
If the region of Transylvania has always fascinated you make sure you visit the National Museum of Transylvanian History while here in Cluj-Napoca. It is a history and archaeology museum with a permanent collection and exhibition, as well as temporary exhibitions too.

When Should You Visit?:

Cluj-Napoca has a continental climate so if you’re coming for sightseeing you will definitely want to do so in the summer months. From June to August average highs are in the 21 to 23C range, which sounds pleasant for walking around, however be aware the actual daytime highs can be much hotter than this. Winters are probably too cold though, dropping to an average high of -1C in January and there’s snowfall every year.

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