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image of CraiovaSituated in south west Romania on the banks of the River Jiu is the city of Craiova. Craiova is the sixth largest city in Romania and is a popular tourist destination for all its attractive architecture that dates back mainly over the past few hundred years.

Flights to Craiova Airport (airport code: CRA) typically take around 26 hours when departing from Johannesburg, and there are always 2 connections in the route. British Midland has stop-overs in Frankfurt and Rome, and Alitalia has its transfers in Paris and then also in Rome. If you get a flight to Craiova with South African Airways, then you will get to fly through Accra and then Rome. You may find it quicker to get a flight to Bucharest instead, then take a train to Craiova from there, taking about 3 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Craiova:

Craiova has ancient origins as a city, as discovered by archaeological excavations that have taken place here, but the city really prospered in the 16th century and beyond. A few buildings even pre-date this period, though many of the much older constructions were destroyed in 1802 when a Turkish attack left the city in flames. Craiova is well known for its architecture though, and most of what you can see here today dates from the last few hundred years.

Historic Churches in Craiova
Churches are often amongst the oldest preserved buildings in a city, and Craiova is no exception. The Church of Cosuna Monastery is the oldest building in Craiova, dating from 1483, while the Madona Dudu Church is several hundred years younger having been built between 1750 and 1756. The latter was destroyed in an 1831 earthquake and rebuilt in 1844 and features murals by Romanian painter Gheorghe Tattarescu.

Another major religious landmark is Saint Demetrius Church, a large and fairly foreboding building that from the outside could almost be anything but a church!

Baniei House
The oldest building in Craiova that isn’t a religious one is Baniei House. It dates from 1699 and was the headquarters of the Great Banship of Craiova, an important political institution. Today the building is home to the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art.

Craiova Art Museum
At Craiova Art Museum you get two attractions in one – the building in which the museum is housed was built in 1896 and is a grand, almost chateau-like structure, perhaps thanks to the French architect who designed it. Inside is the Craiova Art Museum whose main gallery is devoted to Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian born sculptor.

Nicolae Romanescu Park
Craiova has several parks of which the Nicolae Romanescu Park is the largest and best known. It’s an attractive park with a range of open grassy areas, trees, and lakes and it even has its own zoo.

Botanical Garden of Craiova
If you enjoy parks and gardens then you should also visit the Craiova Botanical Garden. It was opened in 1952 and features six different areas, including floral provinces of the globe, phyto-geography of the local region, and a greenhouse.

When Should You Visit?:

You may be surprised at how warm Craiova gets during the summer, especially when compared to its winter temperatures! July and August are hottest with an average high of 29 and 28C respectively. Summers are actually long lasting, with average highs of 17C already in April and 18C right into October, but after that temperatures drop, getting down to an average high of only 2C in January. Take something for the rain, as there’s rainfall throughout the year.

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