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image of IasiIasi is Romania’s second largest city and it’s a city rich in culture and heritage. Situated in the far east of Romania, Iasi has many attractions to make this a popular tourist destination.

All flights to Iasi International Airport (airport code: IAS) have two connections when you come from South Africa, but there are several airlines to choose from. Austrian Airlines has a route through Frankfurt and Vienna, and KLM makes stops in Amsterdam and Bucharest. One further option is a flight to Iasi with South African Airways; they have connections in Dubai and Vienna. Most flights to Iasi are between 15 and 20 hours long, and the airport itself is just 8 kilometres outside of Iasi.

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The Tourist Attractions of Iasi:

Known as the ‘City on Seven Hills’, Iasi, like many other famous hilly cities, is rich in culture, architecture and more and has many attractions for tourists to make the most of. Among those are the following:

Cultural Life in Iasi
If you enjoy experiencing some culture while on holiday Iasi has more than enough to enjoy. The Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre is the city’s main cultural venue and the oldest national theatre in Romania. The beautiful neo-classical architecture of the building sets the scene for inside, which is spectacularly ornate.

The Palace of Culture is another beautiful building, though in a very different style. This is neo-gothic and is more in line with what you’d expect from a city in France than Romania. The building is a major landmark of Iasi, and inside are four of the city’s museums: The Art Museum, the Science and Technology Museum, Moldavia’s History Museum, and the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia. Between them these four museums cover a very broad range of subjects and have many interesting exhibits.

Iasi Botanical Garden
Now named after its founder, Anastasie Fatu, Iasi Botanical Garden was opened in 1856 and is the oldest and largest botanical garden in Romania. It’s located in the Copou Hill neighbourhood of the city and covers an area of 250 acres which in fact makes this one of the largest in the world. There are 12 areas to enjoy, covering a wide variety of plant life and more than 10,000 species.

Churches and Monasteries in Iasi
Iasi has an abundance of churches and monasteries and many of them are very beautiful buildings for different reasons. Next to the large Palace of Culture is one of the smaller churches in Iasi, Stantul Nicolae Domnesc. Built by Stephen the Great in 1491 this is the oldest religious building in Iasi still standing. Among the monasteries is Cetatuia Monastery situated atop one of Iasi’s seven hills. A visit here is recommended because the complex includes a number of buildings, all of which have been preserved since they were constructed between 1669 and 1672.

When Should You Visit?:

Iasi’s climate is similar to a continental climate and the city has four distinct seasons. This makes it easy to choose the best time to go. Summers are quite long with warm to hot temperatures between May and September. Unfortunately this is the wetter time of year too though, with the rainiest months being June and July. July is the warmest month when the average high is 26.7C. Spring and autumn are short and mild and though winters are quite short also, they are quite cool in comparison as the average high in January is only -0.6C.

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