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image of TimisoaraA grand and cosmopolitan city, Timisoara is situated in western Romania in the Banat region. Timisoara is often known as the most cosmopolitan city in Romania despite its industrial background.

One of Romania’s busiest airports is the Timisoara “Traian Vuia” International Airport (airport code: TSR), located 12 kilometres away from the city centre. Only one airline has a one-stop flight to Timisoara from South Africa, and that’s Lufthansa. Their route makes a transfer in Munich. Other choices include Virgin Atlantic that stops in London as well as Munich, or a flight to Timisoara with British Airways has a connection in London and Dusseldorf. KLM also has a flight to Timisoara that will go through Amsterdam and Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Timisoara:

As well as being quite a cosmopolitan city Timisoara has many attractions and sights to offer visiting tourists, providing quite a variety of things to see and do. There’s history, beautiful buildings, monuments, and parks to see here including the following:

Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral
One of Timisoara’s most striking landmarks is the Orthodox Cathedral. Its architecture is different to most Romanian Orthodox churches, featuring Byzantine influences and an attractive decorated exterior.

Piata Unirii
Piata Unirii, or Union Square, is one of Timisoara’s city squares. It’s a popular tourist attraction for the pretty buildings that line its edges, and with a number of coffee shops here too it’s the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by! St George’s Cathedral (also known as The Dome) is situated on the square. It was built between 1736 and 1774 in the Austrian Baroque style and has a beautiful interior too. The Baroque Palace is another beautiful building and you can go inside this structure and see the art gallery that’s now housed here.

Other Squares in Timisoara
As well as Piata Unirii, Timisoara has several other beautiful squares. Liberty Square (Piata Libertatii) has some very attractive historical buildings including the old city hall. Victory Square (Piata Victoriei) is much larger and features some very grand and popular buildings that include the Opera House, City Hall, and some museums.

Huniade Castle
Huniade Castle is the oldest building in Timisoara. It was built between 1443 and 1447 and was constructed over the old royal castle that dated from the 14th century. Today the castle houses the History and Natural Sciences section of the Banat Museum.

Timisoara Parks
In Romania Timisoara is often known as the City of Parks, so as you can imagine there are a good selection of parks here to enjoy. The Botanical Park is said to be the most beautiful, though Rose Park is also lovely. If you’re visiting Timisoara with children then go to the Children’s Park.

When Should You Visit?:

Timisoara has quite a temperate climate so usually it’s never too hot or too cold here. Summers are quite hot with average high temperatures reaching up to 28C in July and August. Rainfall is quite consistent across the year, with higher levels falling in May to July. Spring and autumn are quite short seasons and while winters are cooler they are short. January is the coolest month when the average high is 2C.

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