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Flights to Samara

image of SamaraSituated in the south east of Russia, the city of Samara is the country’s sixth largest. Samara is set on the Volga River and has mountains and hills surrounding it. The city is one of Russia’s major economic and cultural hubs and features a contrasting mixture of historic and very modern architecture.

Flights to Samara arrive at the Kurumoch International Airport (airport code: KUF). It’s a busy airport that handles more than a million passengers a year, and it’s served by a number of major airlines. Flying from South Africa, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both offer the same flight to Samara, with connections in London and Moscow, but Lufthansa stops in Munich and Moscow instead. Another option is a flight to Samara with Iberia, travelling via Madrid and Moscow.

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The Tourist Attractions of Samara:

While Samara may not be one of the best known major cities in Russia for tourism, it’s an attractive place all the same. There are several attractions here as well as things to see and do, and much of the city life has long revolved around the Volga River that passes through Samara. The riverside setting is always a draw for both locals and tourists, and there are a number of activities that you can enjoy on the river or its banks.

Volga River
Samara’s riverfront is in fact one of the top tourist attractions, providing a pleasant place for a walk or somewhere to sit and watch boats and people come and go. The river is a major transport route but is also used by much smaller vessels, so you’ll often see someone on a canoe or kayak paddling past! If you want to get out on the river yourself there are bound to be several places where you can rent boats from.

Museums in Samara
Samara is one of Russia’s important cultural cities so you’ll find museums as well as theatres and halls here. In terms of museums there are several in Samara including a museum of natural and local history where you can find out about the history of Samara and the surrounding region. Samara City Art Museum is the main place in the city where you can enjoy some art. There is also a museum dedicated to the Russian writer, Aleksey Tolstoy who was best known for his science fiction writing.

The Arts in Samara
If the arts interest you Samara has a number of offerings including an opera and ballet theatre and a philharmonic orchestra hall. There are also five other drama theatres in the city so there’s bound to be something happening somewhere while you’re visiting Samara.

When Should You Visit?:

Samara’s humid continental climate can mean there’s quite a difference between summer and winter temperatures, and sometimes extreme highs or lows can happen here. Summer would definitely be the best time for sightseeing as the weather is warm though unfortunately this is the wetter time of year. Average highs are around 25 to 26C from June to August. Spring and autumn are very short seasons while winter starts in November through to March.

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