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image of PristinaPristina is Kosovo’s capital and largest city and it’s situated just east of the centre of Kosovo. Pristina doesn’t have the same charm as some of Europe’s other new capitals but it does have a selection of tourist attractions all the same.

Pristina has an international airport, about 15 kilometres outside of the city, the Pristina International Airport (airport code: PRN). It’s a busy airport with more than a million passengers each year, and it handles all flights to Pristina. The only one-stop flight to Pristina from South Africa is with Turkish Airlines, and it makes a connection in Istanbul. But if you fly with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways, you’ll have two transfers in London and then in Frankfurt. Lufthansa is another option, and they offer a flight to Pristina connecting through Munich and Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of Pristina:

While Pristina does have an old town this certainly isn’t a highlight of a visit to Kosovo and you shouldn’t come to Pristina as a tourist expecting to see plenty of historic charm. Many of the buildings in the city are fairly unattractive but the concrete is broken up by occasional parks and open spaces so that the city isn’t just a concrete sprawl. You may wonder what exactly does Pristina have going for it then?! Well if you’d like to get to more familiar with the people and culture of Kosovo this is a good place to do it. Compared to more highly touristic cities Pristina gives you a much better understanding of what life is like for the locals, and you can visit several attractions while doing so.

The Museum of Kosovo
This interesting museum that’s housed within an interesting building is probably the main attraction of Pristina. From the outside the Austro-Hungarian architecture of the building makes it a welcome break when compared to some of the uglier buildings in the city. It was actually built for the regional administration of the Ottoman Vilayet of Kosovo and has been owned by the Museum of Kosovo since 1963.

There are numerous exhibits inside the museum that focus mainly on archaeological and ethnological artefacts from the surrounding region.

The Clock Tower
Pristina’s Clock Tower is one of the city’s famous landmarks. It originally dates back to the 19th century but was damaged by fire and then rebuilt. The clock tower has suffered several other problems over its history too – in 2001 the clock was replaced by an electric clock but because Pristina has some problems with the supply of electricity the clock rarely keeps time! There was also a bell in the clock tower but this was stolen in 2001 as well.

When Should You Visit?:

Pristina has a continental climate because the city is located inland from any seas or oceans. This means Pristina will enjoy warm to hot summers, making this probably the best time to visit the city. Winters in comparison are quite cold and usually snowy so this is not a pleasant time for sightseeing.

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