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image of KosiceKosice is Slovakia’s second largest city and it’s located in the south east of the country. Kosice has a well preserved historic centre and is culturally rich with museums and galleries, performing arts, architecture and churches all on offer.

One of the main international airports in Slovakia, the Kosice International Airport (airport code: KSC) is 6 kilometres outside of the city and is connected via public bus transit as well as taxis and rental cars. A flight to Kosice from South Africa with either Virgin Atlantic or British Airways will have 2 connections, first in London and then again in Prague. South African Airways also has a flight to Kosice, with connections in Dubai and Prague. Most Kosice flights run between 20 and 25 hours, though some are considerably longer.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kosice:

Kosice Historic Centre
Kosice features Slovakia’s largest historical centre so there’s a good mix of attractive buildings and impressive architecture to be seen here. The city is centred around Main Street so there are a good many sights to see within easy walking distance of here.

St Elisabeth Cathedral is the major landmark of Kosice and it’s a domineering Gothic style cathedral that was built between 1378 and 1508. St Elisabeth Cathedral is actually the largest church in Slovakia, and inside there are numerous priceless artefacts and masterpieces.

Other religious buildings include St Michael Chapel which was built in the 14th century and is an attractive and fairly small chapel that was originally built as a cemetery chapel. It stood within the old city walls in the centre of the cemetery. There’s also St Urban Tower whose height makes this a well known landmark in Kosice. This was built as a bell tower in the 14th century and now houses an interesting wax museum.

Kosice Museums and Galleries
As well as the wax museum inside St urban Tower Kosice has a couple of other museums worth visiting. The East Slovak Gallery is one and it can be see within an attractive Baroque-Classical building. The East Slovak Museum was founded in 1872 making this one of the oldest museums in Slovakia. The building was designed as the museum and features exhibits from the Stone Age and Middle Age period of Slovak history.

Palaces in Kosice
Kosice has a number of ‘palaces’, all of which are worth seeing and include the Former Town Hall which served as the council offices for Kosice. The Captain’s Palace is another and it houses the Slovak Technical Museum. Jakab’s Palace is usually cited as the most beautiful of all the palaces in Kosice and the pseudo-Gothic style of this palace certainly is attractive.

When Should You Visit?:

Kosice has a continental climate which means there’s usually quite a variation between summertime highs and wintertime lows. Summer is definitely the best time to visit Kosice for warmer weather, though there is more rainfall at this time of year. With less rainfall and warm temperatures, September is a good month to visit when the average high temperature if 20C (68F). During the winter temperatures are cold and snowy – January is the coldest month with an average high of just over freezing.

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