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image of CeljeCelje is an attractive city and is the third largest in Slovenia. It’s at the confluence of three different rivers in central Slovenia and features attractive historic streets, a castle, churches and more to discover.

There are no airports within the immediate vicinity for flights to Celje, so you should plan to arrive at the Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport (airport code: LJU) and either get a rental car or take the train. It’s about an hour’s drive to Celje. To fly to Ljubljana from South Africa, you can book a flight with Turkish Airlines for a stop in Istanbul, or with Air France for a connection in Paris. Swiss Air also has a 1-stop flight that transfers in Zurich. KLM connects twice, in Amsterdam and then Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Celje:

Celje was inhabited before the Romans came, though the town received its municipality rights during Roman times in the year 46 AD so this was the official birth of the city. As a Roman town Celje really flourished and it continued to be a popular place to live for centuries afterwards. Some of the city’s well known landmarks were built from the 1300s onwards and today Celje retains a picturesque and historical city centre.

The central historical streets of Celje are very nice and great just for wandering around enjoying the peaceful atmosphere on a warm summer’s day. Some of the older streets still feature their cobblestone paving, adding to the historic character of the place. In addition to the castle that stands on a hill overlooking Celje (see below) the city has several landmarks to head for; grand old buildings such as the Celje Post Office which was built in the 1890s in the art nouveau style.

The National Hall also dates from the 1890s, while the impressive Celje Hall was built in 1906. The Celje Hall has always been a community centre and was originally built for the German population of Celje. The tourist information centre is also based here today and it’s used as a venue for concerts and theatre productions.

Another interesting landmark is the Shaming Pillar, also known as a plague pillar. This was constructed in dedication to the Virgin Mary, while there’s a more modern monument also in Celje called the War and Peace Monument.

Celje Castle is one of the best known landmarks. It’s now a ruined castle but remains impressive all the same sitting as it does on top of a hill overlooking Celje. It was once the largest fortified structure in Slovenia and the oldest parts date back to 1322. The views from Celje Castle are beautiful and if you’re visiting in the summer you may be able to catch one of the annual summer events that include concerts, theatre and recreations of medieval life.

When Should You Visit?:

Celje is a great place to visit in the summer (June to August) as temperatures are warm to hot and it’s generally quite sunny in the city. Spring can be mild but is usually wetter while winters are quite cold and not ideal for sightseeing.

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