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image of MalmoMalmo is the third largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and it’s located right at the southern end of the country. Once an industrial city Malmo has a long history and still offers a number of historical attractions combined with new and modern architecture.

The Malmo Airport (airport code: MMX) is used solely by charter, domestic and cargo flights to Malmo, so international flights to Malmo will have to arrive at the Copenhagen Airport (code: CPH) in nearby Denmark. There is a regular train across the Oresund Bridge to Malmo from Copenhagen. BMI has a flight to Copenhagen from South Africa that stops once in London, and South African Airways makes a connection in Munich. If you fly with KLM, you will make a transfer in Amsterdam instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Malmo:

Malmo was founded in 1275 so it’s a historic city. The city grew over the years, becoming quite important in the 15th century, during which time one of its top present day attractions was built, Malmohus Castle. Along with this historic piece of architecture Malmo offers numerous other looks at history, but it also combines these with very modern and striking architecture too, making this an interesting place to visit.

Malmo Castle
First constructed in 1434, the original fort was the demolished and a new one (the one still standing today) was built in the 1530’s. The castle acted as a prison for five years to the third husband of Mary Queen of Scots. The castle is now home to the Malmo Museum, featuring art and history as well as an aquarium.

St Peter’s Church
Pre-dating the castle is St Peter’s Church, the oldest standing building in Malmo. Construction began in 1319 and it’s built in a striking Baltic Brick Gothic style. The tall tower actually fell down twice during the 15th century, and the current tower dates from 1890.

Malmo Synagogue
Another striking religious building is Malmo Synagogue. This attractive Moorish inspired building was constructed in 1903 and serves the large population of immigrants who live in Malmo.

Turning Torso
The most triking piece of architecture in Malmo is far more modern than any of the above. The building called Turning Torso was built on the new waterfront zone of Malmo in 2005. At 190 metres high it’s the tallest building in the city, and in fact the whole of Scandinavia, though unfortunately there’s no observation deck for visitors to enjoy. The unusual form of the building, which appears as though it’s been twisted, is therefore best admired from afar.

Technology and Maritime Museum
As well as the Malmo Museum housed within the castle, Malmo is home to the Technology and Maritime Museum, located just wet of the castle. If you’re interested in transport you’ll find this museum a good visit as it’s mostly dedicated to this form of technology, especially aviation. One of the highlights is a Swedish submarine that visitors can make their way through.

When Should You Visit?:

Malmo has an oceanic climate which gives the city warm summers and cool to cold winters, though it’s far warmer than many other places at this latitude due to the Gulf Stream. July and August feature average highs of 21C (70F), while the coldest months, January and February have an average high of 2C (36F). rainfall is fairly low though occurs year round.

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