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image of OrebroOrebro is a small city in the south-central part of Sweden, on the banks of the Svartan River and near Lake Hjalmaren. It’s a quaint and historic place, filled with Scandinavian beauty.

Though there is an airport near town, the Orebro Airport (airport code: ORB) does not handle much in the way of international flights to Orebro, however, if you fly to Copenhagen, you can then get a domestic flight to Orebro with NextJet. Most major airlines fly to Copenhagen from South Africa, such as Lufthansa, British Airways or KLM. Lufthansa has one stop-over in Munich, and KLM will take you through Amsterdam. British Airways as well as Virgin Atlantic have transfers in London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Orebro:

Wadkoping (Old Town)
Wadkoping is a small village of historic wooden houses that have actually been moved here to Orebro from other areas to create a museum of 18th century buildings. Many are wooden and painted red. Within the Wadkoping area, there are two buildings, King’s House and Cajsa Warg’s House that have museums housed inside. While walking around, you can also stop at a cafe or browse some of the small shops.

Water Tower
The city water tower, named Svampen, is a large mushroom-shaped building that has a restaurant on the top. It’s an interesting sight, and you can see some great views over Orebro from the observation deck.

Gustavsvik Water Park
Gustavsvik is one of the largest and busiest water parks in Sweden, and has swimming pools, water slides and a spa, restaurant and campground. There are both indoor and outdoor water slides, so the park can be open year-round. There is a wave pool, a wild-water chute and a lagoon aquarium too.

Orebro Castle
Built to protect the River Svartan Bridge, the first tower of Orebro Castle was built in the late 13th century, and more fortifications were added to the construction over the next few hundred years. It’s located on a small island and the grey stone building is a medieval style fortress. Most of the building is open to the public for tours.

Orebro Lans Museum
The Orebro Lans Museum holds a large and diverse collection of historical artefacts, including books, photographs, a multitude of household implements, as well as a number of prehistoric items that date to the Stone and Bronze Ages. There are also galleries of artwork, from traditional pieces to the more contemporary.

Stadsparken is a large city park where you can sit in the shade after visiting nearby Wadkoping. It’s 8 acres in size, and there is a playground for children and a small pool. There is a small island in the river where there is more parkland and a petting zoo. There is a ferry boat to take people to and from the island.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are mild and very pleasant for sight-seeing in Orebro, with the warmest weather being in July and August. It will reach 22C (72F) during those months. June is only a degree or two cooler. Winters will be cold and near the freezing point during the day from November until early March.

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