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image of EmmenLocated in the centre of Switzerland the city of Emmen is within the canton of Lucerne and is only 6 kilometres from the city of Lucerne. Though Emmen itself doesn’t have many tourist attractions, its proximity to Lucerne makes it popular.

A flight to Emmen will arrive at the Zurich Airport (airport code: ZRH) which is about 46 kilometres away. Coming from Johannesburg, most flights to Emmen are between 15 and 20 hours long. There is one non-stop option with Swiss Air, but most others have 1 connection. KLM stops in Amsterdam and Lufthansa connects in Munich. British Airways makes their stop-over in London. You can also catch a flight to Emmen with Iberia, South African Airways or Egyptair.

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The Tourist Attractions of Emmen:

Emmen is a small city that’s situated just north of the centre of Switzerland. It has a long history as Emmen was first mentioned in the year 840, but was called Emau at that time. Despite the history Emmen is really an industrial city and doesn’t offer much in the way of tourist attractions so don’t come here expecting lots to see and do. However, being so close to Lucerne (or Luzern) you could use Emmen as a base for exploring this more popular tourist destination. There are several hotels in Emmen in which you could stay, and they provide all the amenities most tourists would need while on holiday here, and when you want to visit Luzern you can drive the 6 kilometres or so into the city, or take one of several buses that runs between Emmen and Luzern.

Whether you call it Lucerne or Luzern, this is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s just minutes away from the city of Emmen.

There are numerous things to see and do in Luzern, including sitting back and admiring the spectacular scenery of this city. After all, it’s set on Lake Lucerne and has mountains framing the lake and city, making this a really beautiful place.

Luzern Old Town is very popular with its well preserved historic buildings, including a number of half timber framed buildings. Its back streets present an opportunity to get lost, among the maze like labyrinth, and you should look out for the many murals painted on building walls.

Chapel Bridge is the most famous landmark. It is the oldest covered bridge in Europe, dating from 1333, and inside you can enjoy the painted scenes from Luzern that depict the city’s history.

If you’re staying in Emmen you’ll be very close to Luzern so you can enjoy the city on several different trips. If the weather isn’t so good one day, try some of Luzern’s museums. The Rosengart Collection is perfect for art lovers with its collection of around 50 Pablo Picasso works, or if you enjoy transport museums there’s the Swiss Transport Museum.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are warm in Emmen though you should be prepared for some rainfall as the city experiences rain across the year. July is the warmest month with an average high of 23C, and though June is almost as warm this is the wettest month of the year so may be best avoided. Winters are cool but not excessively so.

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