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image of LuzernKnown in French and English as Lucerne, the city of Luzern is a beautiful place that’s long been popular with tourists. Set on the shores of Lake Lucerne, and with a stunning mountain backdrop, this really is an attractive Swiss destination, situated in the centre of the country.

Luzern doesn’t have an airport of its own, but flights to Luzern can arrive at the larger Zurich Airport (airport code: ZRH) that is about 50 kilometres away from Lucerne. There are bus and train connections between the two cities. You can get a non-stop flight to Lucerne arriving in Zurich with either South African Airways or Swiss Air when coming from Johannesburg. Alternatively there are several options for a one stop flight to Luzern with Iberia connecting in Madrid, or with British Airways for a connection in London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Luzern:

Luzern really is a beautiful city to visit, and the numbers speak for themselves – Luzern was voted by TripAdvisor in 2010 as the fifth most popular destination in the world! This is definitely a place you should visit at least once in your life, though many people who have been to Lucerne want to come back time and time again!

The Chapel Bridge
The Chapel Bridge, or Kapellbrucke in German, is the most famous landmark in Luzern and one of its most historic. It is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe as it was constructed in 1333, and was built to help protect Luzern from attack. Inside the bridge you will see a series of paintings that picture Luzern’s history, and these were created in the 17th century. A fire in 1993 damaged large parts of the bridge but it was quickly restored.

The tower structure that it part way across Chapel Bridge is the Water Tower. The tower is built of brick and has seen a variety of uses since it was first built including a prison and a torture chamber. It still forms part of the old Luzern city walls. Together with the bridge, these are the most photographed monuments in the whole of Switzerland.

Lucerne Old Town
North of the Reuss River that runs through Luzern is the old town. As well as the Chapel Bridge this is one of the city’s top tourist draws as it’s a very well preserved part of the city that still has many lovely old buildings to see. Some of the half timber framed ones are the most photographed, but make sure you also wander into the maze-like collection of streets and smaller alleys, and look out for the many murals that are painted on the sides of numerous buildings.

Luzern’s Museums
As well as lovely architecture, Luzern has a number of excellent museums to visit too, perfect for a rainy day. The Swiss Transport Museum is one of the most major museums in Lucerne and it’s a good visit for adults and children with its variety of exhibits. As the name suggests it concentrates on transport, particularly automobiles, motorcycles, planes and trains.

There are also a couple of art museums including The Rosengart Collection which features about 50 works by Pablo Picasso.

When Should You Visit?:

Luzern is a fairly wet city, and there are no months in the year when you can be guaranteed to avoid rainfall altogether. If you don’t like the rain then don’t visit Luzern in June as this is the wettest month. February is driest, but also cool (average high of 4.7C). Summers are warm though, averaging between 21 and 23.5C.

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