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image of NeuchatelNeuchatel is a small, yet beautiful and popular city in Switzerland. It’s located in the west of the country and is a mainly French speaking city best known for the fabulous Castle of Neuchatel.

The nearby Neuchatel Airport is not operating for any commercial air flights to Neuchatel o instead you should come to the Bern Airport (airport code: BRN). It is about 40 klometres away from Neuchatel and easy reachable by motorway or rail. Air France has a flight to Neuchatel (arriving in Bern) with a single stop-over in Paris, but Lufthansa has a route through Munich. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have the same 2 stops in London and Paris. The average flight is just over 22 hours long when coming from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Neuchatel:

Neuchatel is a truly beautiful city set amidst wonderful scenery on the shores of the Lake of Neuchatel.

Neuchatel Old Town
Neuchatel has a well preserved old town which is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s a place that’s best explored by wandering around on foot, seeking out its numerous alleys, many of which can be very steep. As you explore you’ll come across a hug number of fountains (there are said to be 140 in total), and some of these date back as far as the 16th century. There are also a number of 16th century buildings, and some not so old, including grand Louis XIV architecture. Some buildings are even older, such as the 10th century Collegial Church, while close by is the most famous landmark in Neuchatel, the chateau, or Castle of Neuchatel.

The Castle of Neuchatel dates back to the 12th century and although it is open to the public, it is only accessible via guided tours, between April and September. It’s a very interesting tour though and you will get to enjoy some fantastic views over Neuchatel and beyond.

Museums in Neuchatel
Neuchatel has a number of very good museums, and if you’re interested in history then the Latenium is a recommended visit. This is a museum of archaeology that has both internal and external exhibits that focus on the prehistoric times of Neuchatel and surrounds. There’s also some history to find out about at the Museumof Art and History, while others in Neuchatel include an ethnography museum, and the Esplanade Leopold-Robert.

The Lake of Neuchatel
Being on a lake gives Neuchatel several advantages. First there’s the great scenery that you can simply enjoy from the city, and second there’s the opportunity to enjoy the lake itself. There are trails along the shoreline of the lake if you fancy having a walk, but don’ expect to circumnavigate the lake as it’s the largest in Switzerland! You can also go out in the water in the summer months, boating, sailing, or swimming, or take to the hills and mountains surrounding it by foot or mountain bike.

When Should You Visit?:

Neuchatel is warm during the summer, particularly between June and August when average highs range from 21C to 24C. Note that August is the wettest month of the year though! Late spring and early autumn can be pleasant, but winters are a little too cool for sightseeing.

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