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image of SionSion is a city in the south west of Switzerland and it’s the capital of the canton of Valais. Nestled within a valley, Sion offers some beautiful scenery, as well as attractive chateaus and interesting museums.

The local Sion Airport (airport code: SIR) only handles a few seasonal flights to Sion, and so international flights to Sion will have to arrive at the Bern Airport (code: BRN) instead. It is 75 kilometres away and accessible by bus or rail. From Johannesburg, you can get a 1-stop flight to Bern with either Lufthansa or South African Airways. They both connect in Munich. Iberia offers a route with 2 stops in Madrid and Paris, and KLM takes a route to Amsterdam and then also Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sion:

Sion is a popular Swiss tourist destination as it offers a broad variety of attractions that will appeal to many different visitors. There’s ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the great scenery on hikes up into the hills surrounding the valley in which Sion sits, plus there’s lots to see in the city itself, including culture and architecture. Some of the major tourist attractions in Sion include the following:

Basilique de Valere
The very striking Basilique de Valere is the major landmark for Sion, not least because it is perched up on a hilltop overlooking the city. Also known as the Valere Castle, or Chateau, it is one of two in the Sion area. The second chateau sits on an opposite hilltop and is called the Tourbillon Castle but it is ruined following a fire in 1788.

The Valere Basilica is a fortified church that was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It has some beautiful historical architecture and from its elevated position visitors get some really fantastic views over Sion and the surrounding countryside. Inside the basilica, the organ, which is believed to have been built in 1435, is one of the oldest organs in the world.

Sion City Centre
Though Sion does have a certain amount of history to offer it also has all the modern conveniences you’d expect. The main street of Sion centre features a number of restaurants and the area is well known for several specialities including fondue, and cholera; a pastry made of potatoes, cheese, apples and onions.

There are also numerous shops if you fancy doing a little souvenir shopping while staying in Sion. One thing to bear in mind is that this isn’t a town that’s set up for tourists all year round – it’s more of a summer destination and so some of the tourist services such as hotels and attractions may not be open if you come in the winter.

When Should You Visit?:

As mentioned above, some of the tourist attractions and services may not be available during the winter months so this isn’t a very good time to visit. The weather is a little cold and damp during this time anyway. Sion is much nicer from April onwards, when temperatures begin to rise; the average high is 15.8C and this is the month with the lowest rainfall on average in Sion. Summers get warm, peaking at an average high of 25.7C in July.

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