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image of UsterUster is located within the Canton of Zurich in north east Switzerland, beside Lake Greifensee. Uster is a historic settlement that combines some historical attractions with modern buildings and facilities.

There is a military airport close by to the city, but for international flights to Uster you’ll need to arrive at Zurich Airport (airport code: ZRH), approximately 20 kilometres away. There are regular buses and rail service between Zurich and Uster. From South Africa you can get one non-stop flight to Uster (arriving in Zurich) with Swiss Air but all others have 1 or 2 connections. British Airways makes a stop-over in London; Iberia stops in Madrid, and Lufthansa has a flight to Uster that connects in Munich.

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The Tourist Attractions of Uster:

Uster isn’t one of the big tourist destinations in Switzerland though it’s a nice place to spend a few days if you’re touring around this beautiful country. There are a few sights of interest to tourists, and the small selection of hotels within the city give you somewhere comfortable to stay for a while.

Short History of Uster
Uster’s history goes back many centuries as the city was first mentioned in the year 775. Several hundred years later the first mention of Uster Castle was made, in 1267. Over the next few hundred years several of the neighbouring towns had significant historical events, but it wasn’t until 1830 that Uster played an important part in history again when about 10,000 men gathered in Uster and demanded a new constitution. This event became known as the Ustertag and along with other similar events it led to the Restoration in Switzerland.

Sites of Interest in Uster
Uster Castle (Schloss Uster) is by far the main landmark and tourist attraction in Uster. Set in an elevated position overlooking the city the castle has an attractive combination of architecture that on the lower floors looks like many other local buildings, but it’s the tower that sets the castle apart from others. The tower juts out above the rest of the building, and with its even higher elevation makes for a great viewing platform from which to enjoy the views over Uster and the surrounding countryside. The castle was originally built around 1200, and the nearby church (kirche) is also very pretty and worth a stop.

Lake Greifen and Greifensee
Within walking distance of the centre of Uster is Lake Greifen, or Greifensee in German. It’s a relatively small lake compared to nearby Lake Geneva, but still it measures about 6 kilometres long and 1.6 kilometres wide at its widest point. Not only is the lake scenic, but it’s under protection so that no buildings are constructed on its shoreline, preserving the beauty for generations to come. There are a number of walking trails to enjoy, and the shoreline is rich in flora and fauna too, especially birdlife. You can enjoy the lake via the boat that sails between towns.

There’s also the town of Greifensee to visit, which is only about 4 kilometres from Uster , and it has some lovely architecture and a beautiful setting on the lake. Greifensee Castle is one of the main attractions here with its scenic setting right near the shore.

When Should You Visit?:

There are four distinct seasons in Uster though with rainfall occurring year round you’re never guaranteed a dry visit! June is the wettest month, followed by July and August, though these are also the warmest months with average highs around the low 20’s C. October is the driest month in Uster though temperatures have dropped a fair bit by then.

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