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Flights to Gaziantep

image of GaziantepLocated in South Eastern Anatolia, in south central Turkey, is the city of Gaziantep. One of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, Gaziantep has numerous tourist attractions, including those that are hundreds of years old.

Flights to Gaziantep arrive at the Gaziantep Oguzeli International Airport (airport code: GZT), 20 kilometres from the city. One stop flights to Gaziantep are available with either Turkish Airlines or British Airways from South Africa, connecting in Istanbul. You can also fly with Lufthansa, and have a flight through Munich as well as Istanbul. SwissAir has a similar flight to Gaziantep, but with connections in Zurich and Istanbul instead. Flight times can be between 7 to 10 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Gaziantep:

Gaziantep is an ancient city and is thought to be one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. It’s been ruled by so many civilisations over thousands of years including the Hittites, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Today there’s a little that remains of ancient history, and some that remains of the more recent history in Gaziantep, which along with the museums and other attractions makes this a great Turkish tourist destination.

Gaziantep Covered Bazaar
Like many Turkish cities Gaziantep has a Covered Bazaar that’s popular with both the locals and tourists. For locals this has been a part of every day life for hundreds of years, and although it may not be used as often now as it used to be, the Covered Bazaar is still frequented by many locals. For tourists this is a chance to see a historic part of Gaziantep that was built in 1781, and is a place to buy all sorts of goods.

Gaziantep Fortress
The Fortress, or Citadel, of Gaziantep is one of the city’s prominent landmarks as it’s right in the heart of the city. Not too much is known of the history of this castle but it makes a great place to visit anyway, plus there’s a history museum inside that gives insight into the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

Gaziantep Archaeology Museum
There are several museums in Gaziantep and of these the Archaeological Museum is the most visited by tourists. It features many archaeological finds from Gaziantep and the surrounding region, including objects from many of the civilisations that have called Gaziantep home. There are ceramic pieces, jewellery, glass objects, coins and more on display. The mosaics that were excavated from the Roman site of Zeugma are very impressive.

Gaziantep Zoo
For a change from the history you can visit one of the largest zoos in Turkey, Gaziantep Zoo. There are many species of animals here and the bird pavilion is very popular. If you’re here for a day out you can make use of the on-site cafĂ© or bring your own picnic and eat at the picnic grounds.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are a popular time to visit as the weather is hot and dry, though the average high of 35.6C in both July and August may be a little too hot for some. September is a few degrees cooler, while the 24.4C average high in October makes this a nice month to visit. Spring is also a good time, though it is a little rainy then. Winters are cool in comparison and temperatures can drop to below freezing even though average highs stay well above freezing.

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